Recently, Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Systems released a video comparing DNSFilter and three other services. We commend his efforts, but have a few notes.


Like us, you’ve probably had the week of June 8 blocked off on your calendar for a very important reason: It’s DattoCon week! Right now, DattoCon is postponed until a currently unknown time. But we were too excited about DattoCon and the opportunity to connect with MSPs and other vendors to not do something. And […]

Security You’ve likely heard of ransomware. It’s one of the major cybersecurity threats out there. Unfortunately, it’s a growing threat as government agencies, hospitals, and police departments become more vulnerable to these types of attacks. And that’s one reason ransomware-as-a-service (or RaaS) is a growing trend. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a very specific type of…

Remote worker management is likely new to you. And it’s not just the difficulty of having your team suddenly miles apart that you need to contend with. You also suddenly need to employ tools that are more conducive to work-from-home environments. Though the transition to a work-from-home workspace wasn’t easy, you might be seeing a […]

Artificial Intelligence

This is part 2 in our mini-series all about our AI-driven domain categorization technology, Webshrinker. Read part 1 for more on how Webshrinker began and what the future has in-store. In this post, we go in-depth into how Webshrinker’s website categorization works. How Webshrinker works At a high level: Webshrinker will navigate to the requested […]

Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, DNSFilter acquired the company Webshrinker, a company that utilizes machine  learning technology to provide website screenshot and domain intelligence API services. We wanted to highlight the journey of how Webshrinker began and how far the technology has come. How Webshrinker got started Adam Spotton, now Head of Data Science at DNSFilter, started Webshrinker […]


When it comes to content filtering, schools have very unique requirements. Not only do they need to restrict access to certain websites, but they need to restrict that access on devices they do and don’t control. And sometimes? Those devices they own leave the premises. In this blog post, I’m going to take a look […]

Why Phishing Attacks Are a Big Deal

Serena Raymond
April 17, 2020
Security Everyone using a computer in 2020 has gotten a phishing email. While you might not be able to claim that you are a victim of a phishing attack, you’ve likely heard of the scam. If this is the first time you’re hearing about phishing attacks, in this blog post we’ll show you why they’re such…

How To Spot A Coronavirus Scam

Serena Raymond
April 8, 2020
Security Hackers are incredibly busy right now. Everyone is at home, working if they can, and everyone is online. It’s created the perfect moment for coronavirus scams to take center stage. At DNSFilter, we’ve noticed a surge in bad sites detected by our AI on a daily basis beginning in February. While we can’t say for…

Cybersecurity 2020 Snapshot

Serena Raymond
March 30, 2020
Security This post on cybersecurity 2020 isn’t about cybersecurity hindsight. We’re putting this year-to-date under a microscope and observing exactly where cybersecurity stands. We’re going to explore external influences on cybersecurity, trends we’re seeing in the space, and what it means for businesses everywhere. Coronavirus effect on cybersecurity 2020 at-a-glance You didn’t think you were going…
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