The DNSFilter Team

DNSFilter started in 2015, and our team has been rapidly growing ever since! The DNSFilter team is made up of security-conscious tech nerds, inquisitive professionals, and true innovators. Since the early days, our mission has been to make DNSFilter the best possible DNS security solution out there. Without our dedicated team, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish the growth we’ve achieved in just the last few years—and everything we plan on accomplishing in the years to come.

Meet the leadership team that gets things done.

Becoming DNSFilter

We thought of going with a clever startup name—you know, adding “ly” or “io” to some noun evocative of freshness. Maybe we’d drop a vowel or two and go all lowercase. Instead, we decided to keep it simple. Straightforward. As an essential tool, DNSFilter is named for exactly what it does. We filter DNS requests, sorting the good from the bad to help our users get through their work days feeling more secure.

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