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Securing over 30,000 organizations worldwide:

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We detect threats 7 days faster than competitors, offering real-time reporting, roaming clients, and customizable white-listing for unparalleled web security.

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Secure your network with smarter content filtering

Accurate and machine-learning content filtering to stop your users from viewing inappropriate or undesirable content for around-the-clock network protection.

Stay protected with next-gen machine learning

DNSFilter learns a little bit more with every inbound DNS query. We leverage proprietary machine learning techniques to discover threats before third-party feeds.

Discover vulnerabilities with intuitive insights reporting

In your dashboard, you can view and export network activity and security reports, or you can delve into detailed logs for even more actionable data.

Protect against threats with one-click application blocking

View all the applications your users are accessing and easily block over 100 risky applications with a single click.

DNS security and content filtering for every need

Every internet connected device is vulnerable. We'll keep your network safe—no matter the size—with our award-winning protective DNS solution and transparent pricing.

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