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Overview - DNSFilter - Content Filtering & Threat Protection

Content Filtering Deployed in under 5 minutes. Guaranteed.

Our simple approach to content filtering works for Organizations of all sizes.


We partner with leading managed service providers (MSPs) and IT organizations to provide reliable and effective content filtering and threat protection for their customers anywhere on the globe, at any scale.

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Whether a Fortune 500 organization or a small business, some of the most known brands trust DNSFilter to provide Enterprise grade, location aware policies and analytics at all of their network locations.

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We know how to enable University and K-12 networks to be compliant - we do it every day. With industry leading Educational pricing, deploy DNSFilter at unlimited locations for a fraction of the price you're used to paying.

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trusted brands that choose content filtering by DNSFilter...

Customers - DNSFilter - Content Filtering & Threat Protection

Simple, Yet Full of Features

Cloud based web filtering and threat protection should be easy.

Content Filtering

Enforce your web content filtering policy with flexible filtering rules that put you in control.

Threat Management

By using the cloud to stop threats before they happen, we provide effective security at a competitive price.


Get minute-by-minute statistics from the dashboard, or delve into our powerful reporting for even more insight.

Global Network

We’ve engineered an intelligent anycast network with over two dozen points of presence across the globe.

Real Time Intelligence

An industry first - DNSFilter is the only content filtering service providing real-time domain categorization.

Usage Based Pricing

No more "per seat" or "per user" licenses. Simply pay for what you use. No contracts. No commitments.

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What our customers are saying...

Willie, Peoria, IL Parks Department

 I love it when companies use the term disruptive and actually mean it. DNSFilter is going to be disruptive in this space… This is what I am switching all of my OpenDNS clients to. 

Willie, Peoria, IL Parks Department

Fair, Upfront Pricing

No service tiers. No contracts or commitments. Monthly billing.

$5 per 1 Million Requests

Whereas our competitors provide a complicated pricing structure depending on seats, network types or locations, we provide a straightforward pricing structure.
We don't nickel and dime you with service levels or tiers - all customers get the same enterprise grade features and functionality.

Annual Cost per Network (10 Users)$60$420$350$850
Filtering & Threat Protection
Global Anycast Network
No Hardware to Install
Branded Block Page
Usage Analytics
Network Uptime Monitoring
Clientless Dynamic IP Support
Intelligent Categorization
No Annual Commitments
Based in the United States

Intelligent web content filtering.

No comparison. No compromises. No brainer pricing.


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