Speed, Stability, Scale

DNSFilter's Global Anycast Network

The world's fastest Dual Anycast Network.1 Over 170 servers. Nearly 70 cities. More than 45 countries.

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World's Fastest Protective DNS

There's fast and then there's the world's fastest DNS resolver, DNSFilter's Dual Anycast network. You could be doing anything on the internet, we'll make whatever it is happen faster.

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Built for Securit

DNSFilter is powered by machine learning and built on the fastest Dual Anycast network. With robust end-user protection, over 9 million threats per day are blocked by DNSFilter at the DNS layer.

Our fast Dual Anycast network affords us the speed needed to analyze a DNS query, filter content based on policy, and stop both known and potentially zero-day threats before the IP address resolves, protecting users and safeguarding businesses.

The DNSFilter Global Dual Anycast Network

Stability and reliability

An inherent promise of any DNS is that it will be fast, stable, and reliable—DNSFilter delivers on this promise. While we consistently deliver on the speed you want, we make it our mission to deliver on the stability and reliability you need and expect.

Operating on the world's largest Dual Anycast network isn't just something nice to say, it's what assure you can rely on it. Running a dual network allows us to proactively and seamlessly take a datacenter off our global network whenever a catastrophic event or maintenance occurs.

Providing seamless DNS resolution across our Dual Anycast network is achieved through redundancy, with load balancing, over redundant fiber connectivity, power protection, backup generators, and off-site backups. It also allows us to do non-disruptive maintenance on our network more easily than other DNS resolvers.

This all means the speed you want also has reliable uptime. If any element of our network goes down, there's a backup that will start doing the heavy lifting.

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Privacy and localization

From resolving the web content in your local language to keeping your DNS traffic residing in the geographical region where it originated, our Dual Anycast network is always local to you no matter where you are in the world.

DNS queries sent on our anycast network resolve on the nearest anycast DNS resolver and are routed, thanks to Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), through the fastest route to the content you want.

With over 89 data centers across 69 cities in 48 countries, your DNS queries most often stay within the region where the DNS query originates or nearby.

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