Protect Your Non-Profit With A Powerful DNS Filter

Perfect for 501c3 or publicly funded organizations

Are you a 501c3 or publicly funded organization that is looking to protect your employees from malicious internet attacks, and filter content viewed on your network? We’ve got you covered.
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Protect Every Device, Anywhere

If your users require off-network protection (Roaming Clients), DNSFilter provides that. Our easy-to-use client can be installed manually or via MDM. No VPN connection required. This is ideal for company-issued devices that your employees use at home or out of the office. We’re providing DNS protection for non-profits, from everywhere.

Currently supported on MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and ChromeOS.

No Hardware Required

We are a completely cloud-based product that can be deployed in minutes. No need to manage servers, firewalls, or on-premises equipment. Your IT team can virtually roll out DNS protection to all of your non-profit’s employees in minutes.

we have over 2 million end users

See what they have to say about DNSFilter

User Friendly
User Friendly
Ease of use. Easy to configure policies. Whitelisting or blacklisting response is quick.
Ike C
IT Director
The solution we've been looking for!
The solution we've been looking for!
From the end-user perspective, the ease of use and deployment has garnered positive feedback. Also, the central management dashboard makes managing a multi-tenant environment quick and easy.
Matt H
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