Cybersecurity in Healthcare

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The healthcare industry is increasingly vulnerable to data breaches. Cybersecurity in healthcare is a growing emphasis, and equipping organizations with the software necessary to mitigate a breach is imperative. Malicious domains that spread phishing, botnet, and ransomware are major culprits in the rise of attacks. Securing the DNS layer via DNS security is one of the simplest steps healthcare can take towards growing their security posture. But you need to make sure you choose the best.
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Why is Cybersecurity Important in Healthcare?

Stories of outdated IoT devices, insufficient funds for healthcare organizations, and lack of investment in cybersecurity are all major issues in the healthcare industry leading to the increase of cyberattacks targeting healthcare. Hackers are paying attention. They know which industries are easy targets and are more likely to turn a profit. Healthcare organizations are more likely to pay the ransom because they need to get systems back online quickly.

Security and Compliance in Healthcare: What’s the Difference?

Compliance is the first step to achieving security. Healthcare compliance can be defined as the ongoing process of meeting or exceeding the legal, ethical, and professional standards applicable to a particular healthcare organization or provider. This is especially important for healthcare organizations because the data they possess is classified as Protected Health Information (PHI) under HIPAA.

To simplify: Compliance is the checklist. Security is the ongoing, ever-evolving process.

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Compliance Level DNS Filtering
Compliance Level DNS Filtering
Provides client level installation for DNS filtering when outside of the building. Complements EndPoint and Firewall web filtering by processing all DNS requests through an active filter to help stop malware distribution. We can distribute the product uniquely using RMM to each customer and management and controls are customer unique.
Aland C
Service Manager
Fast and easy to deploy
Fast and easy to deploy
Protect an entire network in a minute. DNSFilter already saved us from some malwares before antivirus alert as the domain used to download malicious payload was blocked by DNSFilter...
Administrator in Hospitality
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Arclight Case Study
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