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Choosing the right content filtering solution for your SMB is a true balancing act. You can’t just think about where you are right now. You also need to think about what you might need in the future.
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Protect your employees from phishing and malware

Not everyone at your company is aware of the cyber threats lurking on the internet. And not just on the dark web! Threats can be found anywhere, even the most trustworthy news organizations, local business sites, and your own inbox. That’s because attacks like phishing and malware are being used by hackers across the internet.

Adding an additional layer of protection through content filtering can mean the difference between a data breach that takes your systems offline and everyone in the office getting to go about their normal day.

Why is threat protection powered by machine learning better?

Our competitors rely on static, human-categorized databases that are often weeks or months out of date. This leaves millions of domains uncategorized, allowing their users to continue to access domains that are malicious.

If a domain database is out-of-date, it’s useless. That’s why we use machine learning algorithms to analyze unknown domains instantly. Each domain we scan is then added to our database—but rescanning is a regular part of our AI’s job. Just because a site is safe now, doesn’t mean it always will be.

This means you can rest assured that you’re protected with the most up-to-date threat and domain analysis in the industry.


If you own or operate a small business, you understand the unique challenges that you face everyday with scaling your business. What you might not consider are the cybersecurity challenges that you face as an SMB.

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Great powerful tool
Great powerful tool
DNSFilter helps us to stop users from accidentally accessing malicious websites which may appear genuine on the surface...
Administrator in Oil & Energy
Great product to help you stop your users from being Phished!
Great product to help you stop your users from being Phished!
DNSFilter is easy to configure and use. End users don't even know you've implemented it until a malicious site has been blocked
Cheyenne H
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Beyond Hackers in Hoodies: A Cybersecurity Mid-year Report


Inside this report, you’ll see there’s been significant increases in botnet, DDoS, and phishing attacks.

Beyond Hackers in Hoodies: A Cybersecurity Mid-year Report
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