Identify Threats Before They Hit Your Network

33% of data breaches occur at the DNS layer—
You can protect yourself against them with DNSFilter

DNSFilter Features are

Enterprise Grade

With DNSFilter, you can easily protect your entire organization from online security threats and undesirable content. We rely on powerful artificial intelligence and an industry-leading global network so you can be safe and secure online. And you can start filtering in just minutes.
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User-Friendly Design

Isn’t it nice when you don’t need to go searching for everything you need in a dashboard? It’s just there. That’s how we’ve designed DNSFilter: with actual users in mind.

DNSFilter’s web-based dashboard gives you a global view of all your sites and statistics with ease—regardless of size, complexity, and your location.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

An industry exclusive—DNSFilter’s domain analysis is powered by AI. This allows us to identify malicious domains and undesirable content in real-time, providing an unrivaled level of protection by eliminating major threat vectors.

What does this mean?

Our competitors rely on static, human-categorized databases that are often weeks or months out of date. This leaves millions of domains uncategorized, allowing their users to continue to access domains that are malicious.

If a domain database is out-of-date, it’s useless. That’s why we use machine learning algorithms to analyze unknown domains instantly. Each domain we scan is then added to our database—but rescanning is a regular part of our AI’s job. Just because a site is safe now, doesn’t mean it always will be.

This means you can rest assured that you’re protected with the most up-to-date threat and domain analysis in the industry.

Web Content Filtering

The easiest content filtering you could ask for. Comprehensive and customizable, you can be set up and filtering in just minutes.

Simply select the categories you want to block—Adult Content, Illegal Content, Streaming Media, Chat & Instant Messaging, Social Networking, etc.—and we’ll do the rest. Our proprietary algorithms intelligently categorize sites so you don’t have to constantly maintain a list of domains.

You can even enforce Google SafeSearch, YouTube restricted modes, one-click CIPA compliance, and filtering avoidance domains so nothing slips through the cracks.

Beautiful Reports

From an at-a-glance-view to a deep dive of your network traffic, DNSFilter’s easy-to-use reporting allows you to clearly visualize usage patterns and top destinations across all of your networks.

Activity Reports—Get details and trends for total requests, queries per second, most active networks, and top requests.

Security Threats Report—Quantify the level of protection you’re delivering to your networks and identify the source and frequency of attacks against your networks.

Query Log—Full query log data for troubleshooting investigation, streaming in real time.

anycast network

Global Anycast Network

DNSFilter’s massive global anycast network has the most datacenters in the industry. No need to worry about your projected headcount five years from now, your estimated network usage during peak hours, or that new satellite office you’re opening up in Japan. We’ve got you covered no matter what the future holds.

We’ve engineered an intelligent, global anycast network with nearly 50 points of presence across the globe. This allows us to automatically scale, heal, and route your requests to the most responsive location, guaranteeing 100% uptime.

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Integration Available

DNSFilter is fully API-driven. Any feature or action our product can perform can be executed via our extensive API—from creating users and organizations to changing policies and creating reports. Our inherent focus on flexibility makes DNSFilter the perfect companion to integrate with your product, application or automation!

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Fantastic Support

We’re extremely customer focused because we want to do right by our customers. At DNSFilter, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We invest heavily in creating extensive documentation for our knowledge base and backing it up with responsive email support.

Our knowledgeable and technical support staff ensures you always get the answers you need when you need them.

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Off-Network Protection

DNSFilter has Roaming Clients on every major platform:
off-network protection

You can prevent access to unwanted and malicious content on all devices, on and off your network. The Roaming Clients give you enhanced control, visibility, and reporting of all the devices in use by your organization. You never have to worry about installing patches, because your filtering policies are stored in the cloud.


Active Directory Integration

Apply policies using your Active Directory or Azure Active Directory user groups. Use the DNSFilter sync tool to get started. Apply policies at seven different possible layers, get per-user filtering, and apply personnel changes automatically.

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Secure Your Organization Without Slowing Down

Content filtering for end-user protection. Block security threats and inappropriate content with DNSFilter.