DNSFilter: Enterprise Protection For Your DNS Layer

The most accurate threat detection and content filtering tool on the market today. Flexible deployment options, including Roaming Clients for all operating systems, and Active Directory integration. Features to fit your organization, whether you're fully remote, hybrid, or back in the office.
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DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Protection Against Domain-Based Threats

DNS filtering is the easiest and fastest way to secure the dns layer—which for many businesses is the largest and most vulnerable layer in their IT stack. Every time a user visits a website, uses a SaaS tool, or sends a DNS call via an application, they are at risk. A protective DNS service categorizes and blocks web content, and will ensure your users can’t access domains that contain malware, ransomware, or phishing scams.
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Because we don’t rely on static threat feeds, DNSFilter detects more threats than other DNS security products. We block:

- 110% more malware threats
- 130% more botnet threats
- Over 1,000% more phishing threats

We are continuously scanning the internet and classifying dangerous sites. On average we catch them 7 days before competitors, and we uniquely identify 61% of DNS threats.

DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

DNS Content Filtering

Block or restrict access to 36 content categories including adult and inappropriate content, terrorism and hate sites, weapons, drugs, peer-to-peer (P2P) and file sharing and distracting sites like social media. Easily create policies that keep users on your network safe and productive. Filter DNS traffic for safe, secure internet browsing and application use.

Secure Remote Workers

DNSFilter roaming clients can be installed in less than 30 seconds and offer powerful dns protection at the device level. Whether you need small business web filtering, or enterprise deployment for thousands of users, DNSFilter can easily protect your workforce.

DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

Active Directory Sync Tool

Apply policies using your Active Directory or Azure Active Directory user groups. Use the DNSFilter sync tool to get started. Apply policies at seven different possible layers, get per-user filtering, and apply personnel changes automatically.

DNSFilter zapier

Zapier Integration

Connect DNSFilter to over 3,000 companion products using 13 triggers to save you time. Get notifications on updates to your application, manage help tickets with ease, and learn when domains are blocked so you can stay on top of security.


Block More Threats with DNSFilter

For the senior network engineers worried about end user protection, DNSFilter is security via DNS and content filtering that takes just minutes to deploy. Start blocking ransomware, phishing, malware, botnet, and more to create a safer network for your organization.

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