Protective DNS for Universities & Colleges

Protect your students and faculty from threats and inappropriate content on your network.

With affordable education-only pricing, quick and easy deployment, and the most advanced and effective features in the industry, DNSFilter is a no-brainer for your campus.

Supports all learning environments

If your users require Roaming Clients (off-network protection), DNSFilter provides that. Our easy-to-use client can be installed manually or via MDM. No VPN connection required. This is ideal for school-issued devices that may be taken home.

So you're not just providing DNS filtering for schools, but DNS filtering for the student body—wherever they are.

DNS protection with education pricing

Schools and Universities are notoriously under constant budget limitations – often struggling to keep up with technology changes and advancements. DNSFilter recognizes this and offers several ways to save. DNSFilter can be deployed district-wide in minutes, reducing the strain on the IT staff. And there is no hardware to purchase, maintain or license. DNSFilter offers some of the most affordable education pricing in the industry.

Secure your campus in minutes

Traditionally, preventing malware and botnet attacks can be costly and labor intensive—requiring expensive hardware appliances deployed on site. With DNSFilter, this is a thing of the past. By using DNSFilter as your DNS resolver, we enable you to seamlessly add malware/threat detection and prevention capabilities in minutes.


Indiana Wesleyan University Case Study


As the university embarked on finding a new filtering technology, existing solutions proved too expensive for a university funded by enrollment. DNSFilter provided an affordable and effective option that met the university’s needs.

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