All About DNSFilter

DNSFilter is changing the way people think about security via DNS.

We’re here to help make the internet safer and workplaces more productive.

how we became dnsf

How did we get started?

DNSFilter was born out of necessity. DNSFilter’s CEO and co-founder, Ken Carnesi, was fed up with existing DNS security solutions on the market.

They were either overpriced, outdated, or ineffective. Instead of settling for a subpar solution, he set out to create one that he’d trust for himself and his clients.

DNSFilter was founded in October 2015. The goal for CEO Ken Carnesi, Chief Architect Brian Gillis, along with former Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroll was a big one. They set out to create "The Best DNS Filter On The Market." Their vision was to build a product that would be more effective at blocking threats than other solutions, while also maintaining ease-of-use, and world-class support.

In 2018, after being long-time customers, we acquired the company Webshrinker: an AI-driven domain categorization tool that powers our ability to classify and filter sites on the fly.

Pairing Webshrinker with our DNS security solution has made us the most effective solution in the DNS security market.

Our History

dnsfilter  AI-Powered DNS Security

DNSFilter is founded

There were just three of us when we started out. Today, we're over 115.

dnsfilter history

Our First Customer

It was a big milestone for us, as we were able to prove that we had a solution that was necessary—and works.

dnsfilter history

Our First Investor

This was just the beginning of external buy-in in DNSFilter.

dnsfilter  AI-Powered DNS Security

Webshrinker is acquired

Webshrinker is what powers DNSFilter's threat efficacy. This was a momentous occasion for us, and we were able to expand our product offering.

Interested in Webshrinker?

dnsfilter history

Team triples in size

We were still small compared to where we are now. By this point, we were big enough to really put some muscle behind expanding our features—Roaming Clients in particular.

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Massive Growth

Despite a worldwide pandemic, we grew our team, added new functionality to our product, and added more customers than we ever had at that point. We even started a partnership with Lenovo's LanSchool.

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Our Series A

We raised $33.5 million from Insight Partners and Arthur Ventures. We were one of the biggest cybersecurity Series A's in 2021—we were tied for third with four other companies.

dnsfilter history

More to come...

It's early in 2022, but we've already launched our one-click Application blocking tool AppAware and plan to launch a range of features to help our customers.

dnsfilter historydnsfilter history

Our Vision

What does it mean to change the way the world thinks about security via DNS? It means we're advocates for a layered approach to cybersecurity. We understand that the world is now remote. We want to decentralize cybersecurity. And we're here to help you adopt Zero Trust.

dnsfilter ai powered dns security

From the beginning, we've made sure:

Our threat categorization is driven by machine learning and supplemented by external feeds—giving our customers the most complete product

Support is timely, efficient, and friendly—when our customers have an issue, we want to be there to fix it and take pride in giving them an answer

We are listening to our customers—we prioritize features that are wanted

becoming dnsf

Becoming DNSFilter

We thought of going with a clever startup name—you know, adding “ly” or “io” to some noun evocative of freshness. Maybe we’d drop a vowel or two and go all lowercase. Instead, we decided to keep it simple. Straightforward. As an essential tool, DNSFilter is named for exactly what it does. We filter DNS requests, sorting the good from the bad to help our users get through their work days feeling more secure.

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