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Do you want content filtering or antivirus? At DNSFilter, we focus on content filtering. While Webroot has a content filtering solution, it’s not as robust as solutions that were built exclusively for DNS protection. And if you want to get just content filtering, you still need to opt into Webroot’s entire product suite.

We don’t want to box you in—we just want to give you the best DNS protection on the market.



While Webroot has a lot of the same functionality as DNSFilter, it’s not nearly as fast at implementing changes. We’re one of the fastest DNS resolvers on the market (check out our stats at DNSPerf.com), meaning we won’t slow down your network. But we also know that the changes you need to make to your policies and block lists should be instant. You can’t wait around for a change to happen. And in some cases, Webroot customers have waited as long as 72 hours, with 30 minutes being the average.

“...it takes a good 72 hours to pick up changes after they are made.” - Webroot customer

DNSFILTER vs Webroot

Features DNSFilter Webroot
Stable & Global Network Checkmark-Pink  
Domain categorization Checkmark-Pink  
Imagery-based Anti-phishing Checkmark-Pink  
Policy Change Update INSTANT UP TO 30 MIN
Captive Portal Support Checkmark-Pink  
Desktop Roaming Clients Windows and MacOS Windows
Mobile Roaming Clients Checkmark-Pink  
Whitelabeled for Resale Checkmark-Pink  
LAN Proxy/Virtual Appliance Checkmark-Pink  
G2 Customer Satisfaction Rating 95 73

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DNSFilter Vs. Webroot Comparison Report


Deciding between DNSFilter and Webroot? Download this report to discover which DNS solution is right for you.

DNSFilter Vs. Webroot Comparison Report
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