DNSFilter CEO Responds to Quad9 Injunction: “DNS resolvers should not police the internet for copyright violations”
Ken Carnesi
July 27, 2021

Sony Music filed an injunction against Quad9 (a non-profit DNS resolver) in Germany to block a specific site that houses links to peer-to-peer (piracy) sites. Quad9 is objecting to this injunction on the grounds that a DNS resolver is a far-removed third party when it comes to copyright infringement and these services are truly meant for cybersecurity—Ken Carnesi (CEO of DNSFilter, a DNS security service) sides with Quad9.

Celebrating 5 Years at DNSFilter: Daniel Areiza
Suritia Taylor
September 30, 2021

Daniel Areiza, Backend Developer for DNSFilter, is celebrating his 5 year work anniversary. We interviewed him to learn about his journey with the company.

DNS Cyber Attack Stats
Carmella Arroyo
September 28, 2021

There are new cybersecurity attacks everyday. As we head into the end of 2021, it's good to take note of how these threats are growing worldwide so we can have better cybersecurity awareness.

Double Extortion Ransomware Webinar Summary
Carmella Arroyo
September 27, 2021

In this webinar hosted by DNSFilter and Ubiq, we speak to cybersecurity experts at each company to find out what they think of double extortion ransomeware and what the future holds.

Trackers: Privacy vs. Usability
Peter Lowe
September 21, 2021

Often, you need to make a choice: Privacy or usability. In this post, Pete Lowe explains how DNS (and DNSFilter) fits into your choice to prioritize privacy or usability.

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