Behind the Music: What to Expect at dnsUNFILTERED: Soundtrack to a Post-Pandemic Workplace
Kory Underdown
May 17, 2022

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, DNSFilter works hard to ensure it's the opposite. We’re determined to make sure this free virtual event isn’t a one-hit wonder. We’re bringing together some of the top cybersecurity experts, remote work leaders, prominent cybersecurity CEOs, CISOs, and more amazing professionals to discuss hot topics and help you navigate all that’s changed since 2020.

Decentralized Cybersecurity: Changing How We Think About IT
Mikey Pruitt
March 1, 2022

Decentralized Cybersecurity: The answer to Shadow IT? A layered approach to endpoint security is the future. Here’s why.

Becoming AppAware: Introducing One-Click Application Blocking For Tighter Security Controls
Aliese Alter
February 17, 2022

AppAware is one-click application blocking and application discovery for DNSFilter. Block risky applications more easily than ever before with AppAware.

Over 100 Risky Applications: The Vulnerabilities You Can Mitigate with AppAware
Serena Raymond
February 17, 2022

Some applications are just riskier than others. They’re more likely to host malware or be the perfect place to launch a social engineering attack. That's why we've identified the top 100 risky applications, so you can block them more easily.

Why is it always DNS?
Mikey Pruitt
February 4, 2022

It really is always DNS, isn’t it? But why is that? DNS touches so much, and experts are hard to come by.

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