The Rural Tech Fund: Giving Away a Golden Ticket


This holiday season, DNSFilter is proud to support the Rural Technology Fund and their second annual 2021 Golden Ticket Fundraiser. For every dollar raised during this fundraiser, DNSFilter and other organizations will help match that amount. All money raised through matching will go directly to the Rural Tech Fund, and will ensure they can help more students in 2022. DNSFilter is matching $5,000 in donations.

The mission of the Rural Technology Fund is to help rural students recognize opportunities in technology careers and gain the education necessary to work in the computer industry. They accomplish this objective by providing rural educators in public schools and libraries with the materials and curricula they need to teach students computer programming, information technology, cybersecurity, systems engineering, computer design, robotics, and other technology-related disciplines. Along with this work, the RTF also provides scholarships to rural students pursuing a secondary degree in computer-related fields. In 2021, the RTF has also began providing assistive technology equipment to disabled students and teachers who support them while raising awareness of various forms of assistive technology.

The Golden Ticket Fundraiser

To enter the contest, someone simply must donate $20 dollars to an eligible charity: the Rural Technology Fund ( or a food bank of the person’s choosing. Once they
have donated, they should forward their receipt(s) to to automatically be entered to win. Receipts must be dated between December 6th and December 24th. Every increment of $20 donated guarantees an additional entry.

One lucky winner will receive a massive massive training-centered prize package that includes:

This fundraiser will go through December 24 and winners will be announced on December 27.

We are so excited to help the Rural Tech Fund get to their goal of $100,000 in matched donations this year—doubling matched donations from last year! Please take the time and make a donation today, either to a local food bank or directly to RTF, and your charitable donation will be matched.

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