DNSFilter Ranks #1 in G2’s Fall 2022 Reports

Recently it was announced that DNSFilter is ranked #1 in 15 reports by G2, the world’s largest and most-trusted software marketplace. 

This recognition is based on the responses of real users for each of the related questions featured in the G2 review form.

Some standout G2 reports include: 

#1 in Results For DNS Security 

#1 in Relationship For DNS Security

#1 in Usability For DNS Security 

Each report is based on ratings by business professionals. DNSFilter received 10 or more reviews and five responses for each category-related question to qualify for inclusion in each report type. 

“Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, and authentic reviews.” 

Here are some of our latest reviews:

“All our endpoints are not affected by any latency issues since DNSFilter offers cloud-oriented DNS protection to our application sites. We make use of its web filtering options to enhance our user security while they access diverse websites. We can also establish its installation in any instance with ease & build multiple pseudo ACL policies based on customer preferences.”

“We are a small MSP and DNSFilter is a core part of our Cyber security offering. Setting it up only takes a few minutes and BAM!! All the bad traffic is immediately filtered out. Reports show the stuff that's blocked. From there we're able to see bad traffic and take action from there. If something needs to be whitelisted, it's fast and easy. Mobile devices outside of the office network are easy to manage. Their MSP billing model is inexpensive, scalable, with no commitment.”

DNSFilter continues to be a proven leader in DNS Security Software, beating out those with similar products. In fact, DNSFilter has now been awarded 63 G2 Badges 9 quarters in a row!

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