The Power of AI to Defeat Phishing

Josh Lamb
October 9, 2018
An average of 126,000 domain names are registered every single day¹. Some of these can be registered for less than $1 USD and used to launch any number of phishing campaigns on unsuspecting users. An attacker can quickly copy over legitimate logos, diagrams, and graphics from trusted companies and easily create fake forms to capture…
WASHINGTON, D.C. — April 17, 2018 — DNSFilter, a leader in DNS-based web content filtering, today announced it acquired Web Shrinker. Web Shrinker is the domain intelligence service by Web Shrinker, LLC, and provides web site screenshot and domain intelligence API services. Web Shrinker uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and identify threats and domains in real…

7 keys to a great development process

Ken Carnesi
March 1, 2018
A few months back, DNSFilter had hit a wall. Development was slowing, details were scattered all over the place and we were losing track of development priorities. To compound the issue, we were also in the middle of on boarding more developers than we ever had before. It was looking like it was going to be a…