Two years ago we moved from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB. We thought our TimescaleDB performance could get us to 3B daily queries. Here are the actual results.

Security In March 2020, the world was forced to stay at home. For some, this meant a complete overhaul of working processes. A lot of companies struggled to create a supportive work-from-home environment for their employees. This quick transformation put a spotlight on one major aspect of remote working many hadn’t previously considered: cybersecurity. In this…

What It Takes To Run A Remote Company

Ken Carnesi
November 3, 2020

DNSFilter has always been a remote company. With businesses moving remote in 2020, CEO Ken Carnesi has put together this guide for running a remote company.

NIST Compliance: Is DNS a NIST Requirement?

Serena Raymond
October 27, 2020

NIST compliance is a serious concern for companies looking to obtain government contracts. DNS filtering is just one requirement for compliance.

Malvertising is On The Rise

Serena Raymond
September 25, 2020

Ads are everywhere. Ads can pose a serious risk when you consider ad networks can be hijacked. It’s called malvertising.

The Biggest Data Breaches of 2020

Serena Raymond
September 17, 2020

What were the biggest data breaches of 2020 so far? We go record-by-record to discover the largest data leaks.

DNS, Security

“What is DNS security?” We answer that question here, tell you why you need to secure DNS, and give you examples of types of attacks.


Have you ever questioned “Is this link safe?” If you’ve ever opened an email or clicked an ad, the answer is probably “Yes.” Here’s how to stay safe online.


Written by Peter Lowe in collaboration with Serena Raymond. Last month, our CTO Mike Schroll wrote an article comparing DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) and DNS-over-TLS (DoT). I won’t be rehashing that here. If you read that article, you’ll get the idea that at DNSFilter we generally prefer DoT. But I do want to clarify a few things […]


In 2020, we’ve seen how vital remote education is. DNSFilter is proud to partner with LanSchool to help protect students from online threats.