Virginia-Based MSP Finds Peace of Mind with DNSFilter

Since 2002, Tech Team Solutions has been serving Virginia with IT Support such as technical help desk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses. They provide enterprise-level IT practices and solutions to the small business sector with the infrastructure available to keep their clients up and running.  


As an MSP, there are always philosophies one must possess when servicing their clients. The 20+ member team at Tech Team Solutions work with many resources to bring—as Network Services Engineer Jonathan Bullock explained—"The best and most cost-effective solution to their clients." Jonathan then said that planning ahead is a major part of the services they provide, and every client's equipment and needs are kept in mind, while always striving to eliminate IT issues before they cause expensive downtime. 

Tech Team Solutions thinks of each client, and their business, as a part of their "team" and gives them confidence in knowing their technology investment is being monitored and maintained. It’s not just patched together and repaired when broken. 

Founder of Tech Team Solutions, Todd Drunagel's focus for the Virginia-based MSP is to bring cost-effective solutions to his clients, including small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. Additionally, they even offer services to assist seniors.  

Tech Team Solutions provides a full range of services, including Computer & Network Services, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery, and Password Management. Todd realized he needed a DNS Security solution when he and his team sought to protect clients from malicious content, bogus ad links, unintended clicks, and email links. 


From Transaction to Valuable Business Relationship

Through an MSP peer group he attends, Todd was led to DNSFilter. Todd found that DNSFilter was easy to install and that other competitors would not install properly in an active directory environment. 

"For myself, the use of DNSFilter started simply as a transaction," Todd said. “It wasn't long until there was a need to know and understand more about the product. All our questions were answered, and the discussion continued."

He went on to say: "They asked about us and then followed up. It soon evolved beyond a transaction and developed into a business relationship and two-way conversations – a pleasant change from the ‘sales first’ motivation of so many vendors."


The Long-Term Impact of DNSFilter 

On average, DNSFilter blocks about .2% of total DNS requests for Tech Team Solutions clients. Todd explained there is no way to know what problems you did not encounter, and that's a good thing.

"I'm almost satisfied enough in that answer," he said. “I can't recall a support ticket in recent memory where there was some indication to trace the cause back to a DNS resolution concern."

DNSFilter has given Tech Team Solutions comfort in knowing that their cybersecurity protection will have an enduring impact on their business. 

"Perhaps the greatest long-term impact is the peace of mind that we have in knowing the increased level of protection we have in place," he said. “It not only applies to our company, but also to our clients—they too have a positive long-term impact in the continued secure use of their business network."

Todd said he would recommend DNSFilter to any MSP. "The ease at which it drops into your environment and can become effective immediately, combined with their genuine interest in their clients and building a relationship with us, makes them a great partner."

Read Tech Team Solutions' full case study here.


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