Say Hello to SSO on DNSFilter

Say Hello to SSO on DNSFilter

Aliese Alter
April 10, 2022

What is SSO?

Single Sign-On is an authentication protocol that allows users to sign into different software systems using a single identity. This identity is provided by third-party identity providers like Okta, OneLogin, or Azure AD

The application you’re trying to authenticate with sets up a trust relationship with the identity provider that already has your authentication credentials. A certificate shared by the identity platform and the software you’re trying to access is used to sign identity information being shared by the two systems.

This allows you to use your credentials that have been saved on the identity provider to securely access the software. Below is a diagram that details how SSO works:

SSO on DNSFilter

DNSFilter customers can now configure Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling dashboard users to securely authenticate with the DNSFilter application. 

DNSFilter already makes both threat protection and content filtering easy and affordable. SSO configuration is no different. Customers can optionally control who has access to the DNSFilter application using any Identity Provider (IdP) that supports Generic OpenID (OIDC) protocol, such as Okta and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. DNSFilter has no plans to be featured on the SSO Wall of Shame; so SSO will be offered free of charge to all plans.

How to get started with SSO on DNSFilter

SSO can be configured through the DNSFilter dashboard. Account owners can simply enter their OAuth 2.0 credentials from an IdP in the Single Sign-On section of the Settings page of their DNSFilter account. Once the values have been entered correctly, SSO can be turned on.

For more information on setting up Single Sign-On on your DNSFilter account, checkout the detailed guide on our knowledgebase.

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