New from DNSFilter: DNSFilter Relay

Less than a month ago the DNSFilter team brought you the biggest innovation in company history with DNSFilter Roaming Clients. This gave you the ability to apply policies and filter content on and off-network. Now DNSFilter will grant you the same capability but for all devices within your network with the DNSFilter Relay.

The Relay, which allows you to have “X-Ray” vision into your own network. It allows you to see what each device on your network’s individual DNS requests are without installing a Roaming Client on the device. This is all done through a simple, lightweight piece of software that is installed on your LAN.

Roaming Clients allow you to deploy policies, filter, and monitor devices as they go off network. The ability to do this allows you to see the individual DNS traffic from each device with the simple and easy installation of a client. The DNSFilter Relay is a great addition to Roaming Clients, by granting you the ability to see the individual DNS traffic of each device on your network.

How is this different from NatIPs?

Our NAT IP feature allows you to have up to 7 different policies per network, but there was no specific reporting.

  • The DNS Relay allows you to have unlimited policy customization. Setting policies for single LAN devices and IP ranges
  • The DNS Relay allows you to view reports of LAN devices in the Query Log. (NAT IPs only showed network-wide traffic reports)

Whether you are a small business or a multi-thousand user MSP, DNSFilter Relay is a compliment to any network. Why? Visibility. In today’s current age of IoT devices and widespread phishing attacks, your network is under constant stress and danger. DNSFilter Relay can give you insight to which devices may be infected without having a client installed.

DNSFilter Relay is configurable as a container, virtual machine, or executable that sits inside your LAN. The Relay will only filter and report outgoing internet traffic. Internal traffic remains private and unaffected.

“X-Ray” vision is finally within your reach.


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