Protection Everywhere and then some.

A.I. Powered Protection on Any Device and Any Network

Off Network Protection

Prevent access to unwanted and malicious content on all devices, inside and outside your network. Protect your users no matter where they are.

  • Deny access to tasteless/adult content
  • Keep employees on track by blocking timewasters like Hulu & Netflix
  • Protect off-site company devices from malicious domains

Decreased Help Tickets

Reign in rogue devices from off-site personnel. Reduce tickets caused by infected devices which are brought on-site. Our network will block attempted connections to botnet domains, giving you time to remediate the device.

More Visibility

Use device level filtering policies and reporting. Monitor the DNS activity of all devices (on or off-network).

  • Filter devices by organization department.
  • Enable filtering override for IT/Executive devices.
  • Filter based on user with the Windows roaming client.

Current Protection

Never worry about having the latest patches or upgrades. Our cloud-delivered model keeps your filtering current.

  • A.I. categorizes new websites in real-time so your blocklist is always accurate.
  • Your policies are stored in the cloud so you don’t have to push them to your agents.

Made Fast

Protection won’t slow down your devices. In fact, they’ll be faster! Our edge network has the fastest DNS in North America. Your users will have a fast connection, no matter where they are located.


All of our roaming clients are available in a whitelabeled edition, exclusively for MSPs and Resellers. This removes any branding ties with DNSFilter so that you can sell it under your own brand. Your users will view the client as if it was developed and provided by you.

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