Revving Up the Fun: DNSFilter's IndyCar Experience Recap — St. Pete Edition

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What a weekend at the track! DNSFilter was thrilled to host 10 guests alongside Pax8 this weekend for an unforgettable IndyCar experience in sunny St. Petersburg. Those who joined us came from Thrive, MVP Network Consulting LLC, Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation, Entech, NetGain Technologies,Warren Averett Technology Group, LLC, and ECMSI—we were lucky to be in such great company for our very first race of the season.

From thrilling races to immersive activities, here's a quick recap of the excitement we shared!

Full-Throttle Saturday

Bright and early on Saturday morning, our guests dove headfirst into the heart of the action at the track. They got to be in pit lane and watch qualifying for both IndyCar NTT and IndyCar NXT. They were also treated to insights and stories from none other than race car drivers Romain Grosjean, Lindsay Brewer, and Agustin Canapino. Hearing from these racing legends set the tone for an epic weekend!

The fun didn't stop on the track. We gathered for a memorable (steak) dinner where DNSFilter showcased our shared vision and values, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

Race Day

Our guests had a blast testing their own skills on the racing simulator provided by Juncos Hollinger. They were able to race the Firestone Grand Prix themselves on the racing simulator and experience the exact track that Romain, Lindsay, and Agustin raced on Sunday. Our CEO even had a hand at it and he was able to do the lap in 61 seconds—Romain was 60 seconds in qualifying!

But we also got to share the fun with other IndyCar fans in attendance with a flash giveaway of our exclusive hats. We gave away 50 hats in just a few minutes. It was so much getting to meet fans of Romain and Juncos Hollinger Racing who came to say “hi” and walk away with some swag.

Mother Nature was on our side with killer weather—sunny skies with a refreshing breeze off Tampa Bay. It was the ideal backdrop for an adrenaline-fueled weekend.

Our guests were right in the thick of the action! From witnessing Lindsay Brewer's performance to Romain Grosjean's maintaining top 10 through most of the race, every turn brought new excitement. And let's not forget the dramatic moments in Turn 10 — our guests had prime seats for all the action!

They even got to handle the tires this year:

DNSFilter's IndyCar Experience Recap

As the engines cooled and the weekend drew to a close, we couldn't help but feel energized by the promise of more thrills to come. With Romain Grosjean sounding optimistic about future races, the anticipation is palpable for what lies ahead in the IndyCar season.

Check Out the Highlights

Don't just take our word for it! Dive into the action with exclusive photos and videos capturing every heart-pounding moment. Here are a few things our guests had to say about the experience:

“Thank you once again DNSFilter and Pax8. The weekend was absolutely amazing to say the least! You were all amazing hosts and the experience was awesome! I didn’t know what I was missing! I’m now a race junkie!” - Yvonne

“This was a spectacular weekend. Thank you DNSFilter and Pax8 for sharing it with me. Once in a lifetime experience. I enjoyed getting to know you all better during dinner as well.” - Allan

“Thank you DNSFilter + Pax8. This was an amazing weekend and event. You were terrific hosts!” - David

Stay tuned for more updates as we rev up for future adventures on and off the track!

From high-speed races to unforgettable moments with partners and customers, the DNSFilter IndyCar experience was a roaring success. Until next time, keep the pedal to the metal and the excitement revving!

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