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dattocon 2019

DattoCon 2019 San Diego Wrap-Up!

Our first DattoCon is in the books, and what a time we had! Talking with MSPs and vendors from across the world was a fantastic experience. We heard some amazing speakers and learned a lot in the sessions about emerging technologies.

We spent the majority of our time in the exhibit hall to learn what MSPs wanted when it came to DNS threat protection and filtering options. It was fantastic talking to current customers to find out why they love us. Also, we learned a lot from talking to potential customers to find out what would make DNSFilter an easier product to integrate into their current network.

One of the biggest takeaways we had is that large MSPs are most concerned with revenue and efficiency. These factors are usually paramount in an MSPs decision when choosing products to sell to their customers. One of the other major factors we realized large MSPs look for is the ability to quickly and easily contact vendors for support and input on product development.

DattoCon also gave us the opportunity to get to know our customers a little more in depth. We were able to get the chance to have dinner with some of our customers and soon-to-be customers.

This was a great way to find out more about why our customers love our product as well as what changes need to be made to keep DNSFilter’s status as the industry leader. This is the type of interaction that we really value at DNSFilter since we can easily translate this feedback into changes that will make our user’s experience that much better.

Why people at DattoCon ’19 loved DNSFilter:

  • Works better than Cisco Umbrella
  • Easy to use with a beautiful interface
  • 25%-50% the price of Cisco Umbrella

DattoCon 2019 San Diego was a resounding success and we look forward to our next DattoCon! If you missed us at DattoCon, feel free to contact us with any questions and visit our website to set up a demo!

Josh Lamb
June 24, 2019
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