Why MSPs are Choosing DNSFilter

DNSFilter knows MSPs, because we used to be one.

In 2015, co-founder and CEO, Ken Carnesi, was fed up with the DNS security solutions on the market and sought to be different. He had a vision for “The Best DNS Filter on the Market” and got to work building a solution he would trust for himself and his clients.

Today, more than 2,500 managed service providers around the world choose DNSFilter for a multitude of reasons. From trust in our product to the ease of use, it’s not a difficult choice for MSPs to make the switch.

MSPs Trust DNSFilter

DNSFilter’s AI powered threat protection and content filtering catch 60% more malicious sites, 7 days faster than other providers.

Deploying DNSFilter is Fast & Easy

90% of DNSFilter customers deploy our solution in less than 1 day. 68% of them deploy in less than 1 hour. With DNSFilter, you don’t have to spend weeks onboarding your DNS security solution.

Multi-Tenant Dashboard

DNSFilter offers a unique dashboard that allows MSPs to view every client in one place. You can add and manage global policies with ease, so onboarding your new customers takes only minutes. You also have an at-a-glance dashboard view that allows you to see top domains across your customers’ usage.

Special MSP Pricing

DNSFilter offers pricing discounts based on volume. Try us free for 14 days.

24/7 Support

At DNSFilter, we believe that every customer should be able to contact support and get the help they need right away. Our customer support team is always accessible via chat, email, and phone, and is quick to answer any question you may have. In fact, we’ve been rated Best Support by G2 for 4 seasons in a row.

DNSFilter’s MSP Lifesaver Program

With Cisco Umbrella announcing the end-of-life for OpenDNS for MSPs, DNSFilter is offering a lifeline. MSPs who make the switch from OpenDNS to DNSFilter will receive completely free service through the end of September 2022. To take advantage of this offer, fill out this form.

Not Convinced? Check Out This Case Study

“Stupid Easy” DNS Protection for MSPs: 5th Gear Technology Concepts Case Study

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