Anticipation Builds: A Preview of RSA 2024

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With threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for innovation and collaboration within the cybersecurity community has never been greater. And there's no better place to explore the latest trends, share insights, and network with industry peers than at the RSA Conference.

RSA 2024 is just around the corner, promising a wealth of engaging sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities. The DNSFilter will be there at booth 1527 (more details on what we’ve got going on below), but we want to focus on the sessions that look most interesting to us here.

Let’s dig in:

A World On Fire: Playing Defense in a Digitized World and Winning

Speakers: Jen Easterly, Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) & Chris Krebs, Chief Intelligence and Public Policy Officer, SentinelOne

“With seemingly every corner of the Earth caught up in some geopolitical conflict, and cyber increasingly an aspect of our adversaries' attack doctrine, America's businesses are now on the frontlines of every flareup. The CISA Director and her predecessor discuss what keeps them up at night and what's needed to stay resilient in today's wide world of cyber.”

Jen has presented twice at RSA in the past and Chris has presented every year since 2019. These two always have great insights to share individually, and our team is looking forward to their presentation.

The State of Cybersecurity - Year in Review

Speaker: Kevin Mandia, Mandiant CEO, Google Cloud

“2023 was a year of increasing conflict and macro-economic pressures from nation-states and criminal groups. Kevin Mandia will share Mandiant's observations after responding to hundreds of cyber intrusions in the last year. You will hear a synopsis about the apex attacker techniques, the most impactful cyber defense tips, and how cyber security is impacting Board and executive decisioning.”

Permissions Centralized or Decentralized: Both

Speakers: Sarah Cecchetti, Head of Product, Cedar Policy Language, AWS & Pieter Kasselman, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft

“Applications at the edge need to make fast decisions based on local policies. Large organizations need security guardrails that are uniformly enforced. How should a modern business balance these two conflicting needs? The speakers have seen thousands of authorization schemas, and have lots of stories. This session will discuss how permissions structures can be fast, flexible, and globally reliable.”

Don't Be a Cloud Misconfiguration Statistic in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud

Speaker: Michael Ratemo, Principal Security Consultant, Cyber Security Simplified LLC

“Cloud misconfiguration is a top security risk in cloud environments. Cloud misconfiguration refers to any security oversight sustained while building a cloud environment. Organizations often struggle with securing the cloud leading to security weaknesses. This Learning Lab offers guidance for securing key services on popular platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.”

I love a session that comes with recommended reading and is so focused on learning. Michael and Shinesa Cambric co-authored this book that is recommended (and it’s available in the RSA bookstore): “Cloud Auditing Best Practices: Perform Security and IT Audits across AWS, Azure, and GCP by Building Effective Cloud Auditing Plans.”

RSAC College Day Breakfast and Sponsor Panel

Speakers: Cecilia Marinier, Head of Innovation and Scholars, RSA Conference & Ruchi Shah, Director, Security Engineering, Google, Inc

“College Day opens with a continental breakfast and features a Q&A session with security experts. This panel will explore today’s careers in cybersecurity and opportunities for tomorrow. In addition to addressing questions from the audience, panelists will share insights into their own experiences and offer their expertise on how to break into cybersecurity.”

A panel and breakfast, what could be better?

AI Safety: Where's the Puck Headed

Moderated by: Ram Shankar Siva Kumar, Data Cowboy, Microsoft; Harvard

Speakers: Heather Adkins, Vice President, Security Engineering, Google; Rumman Chowdhury, United States Science Envoy, Artificial Intelligence, CEO & Co-Founder, Humane Intelligence; Dan Hendrycks, Founder, Center for AI Safety; Daniel Rohrer, VP Software Product Security - Architecture and Research, NVIDIA

“AI Safety went from a caricature to a central boardroom topic in the last year, impacting everything from how AI systems are built to how they are deployed. Experts from Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Center for AI Safety, and Harvard come together in this blockbuster panel to dissect what AI Safety means, why it rose to prominence, and what this means for the future of AI and cybersecurity.”

See you at Booth #1527!

As we gear up for RSA 2024, there's even more excitement on the horizon. In addition to the captivating sessions and networking opportunities, we're thrilled to announce our VIP IndyCar giveaway (make sure you get scanned at booth 1527 for a chance to win!),  and an exclusive party featuring a performance by Third Eye Blind.

Swing by booth 1527 to listen in on enlightening sessions, where we'll delve into protective DNS and share valuable insights. We can't wait to connect with you all and discuss the latest developments in cybersecurity. See you at RSA 2024!

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