NEW! Automatically Export DNS Data for Analysis and Compliance

NEW! Automatically Export DNS Data for Analysis and Compliance

Kory Underdown
June 7, 2022

More than 70% of cyberattacks involve the Domain Name System (DNS) layer.

Additionally, the ability to ingest, correlate, search, and action data from across the entire enterprise and cloud attack surface is becoming increasingly more important. 

Announcing DNSFilter’s newest feature: Data Export

Data Export automates the process of exporting query log data from DNSFilter’s AI-powered DNS security solution to Splunk and Amazon S3 buckets. S3 can then be used as an intermediary for SIEM and SOAR products of your choice.

With Data Export, data is exported in near real time and analyzed alongside additional security events and data sources to provide visibility across enterprise environments and respond to threats. 

Benefits of Data Export include:

  • Automated export: Security teams no longer need to manually export DNS layer data into a security monitoring solution. More than 25 categories of query log data including domain name, request address, server address, and more are automatically exported, saving significant time and resources. 
  • Long-term search: Finding hidden threats requires the ability to continuously run new analysis on historical data. Data Export allows security teams to retain and analyze historical DNSFilter data in their security monitoring solution.
  • Single pane of glass: DNSFilter data can be aggregated alongside all endpoint, cloud workload, and additional enterprise data sources to correlate events and take action in a single location.

Data Export is available to all Basic, Pro, & Enterprise plans for $.25 per user, per month. For more information on how to use Data Export in your organization, join us for the Data Export 101 webinar.

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