IP Pathways: Official Summit Partner for the Quarter for Q3

At DNSFilter, we strengthen our partnership with MSPs through the MSP Partner of the Quarter Program. For Q3, we have selected IP Pathways as our official Summit partner. 

IP Pathways was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing exceptional technology services. They believe in innovating and investing strongly into the technology industry for the future. They’re goal for all of the customers is to experience radical growth by leveraging the right technology for them. With a strong engineering team that has a deep technical background, they are able to architect, implement, monitor, support, and manage custom technology solutions for organizations with their best-in-class systems. They provide high quality services in cloud platform solutions, managing IT services, IT solutions, and IT consulting. 

IP Pathways runs on a simple, yet strong philosophy: Do whatever it takes for the customer. With their deliverability of best-in-class technology, they are able to focus on their biggest priority—their customers. Providing custom IT services designed to work for their customers, they have their focuses set on: 

  • Being Client-Centric 
  • Making Time to Listen
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Always Available, 24x7x365

IP Pathways  will receive the coveted Summit badge, a permanent feature on the DNSFilter website, a seat on the company’s beta testing council, and social media promotion throughout the quarter.


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