Revving up the Fun: DNSFilter's IndyCar Experience Recap — Long Beach Edition

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What a weekend at the Long Beach street circuit! The energy was electric, the excitement palpable, and DNSFilter was at the heart of the action, ensuring our guests had an unforgettable experience with Juncos Hollinger Racing and Romain Grosjean, the #77 driver for Juncos Hollinger.

From rubbing shoulders with racing royalty to indulging in all that hospitality has to offer, here’s a glimpse into the whirlwind of fun we unleashed:

Meeting the Maestros: Our guests had the incredible opportunity to meet and hear from the NTT IndyCar Series drivers themselves, Romain Grosjean and Agustín Canapino. Their insights and stories added an extra layer of thrill to the racing atmosphere.

Behind the Scenes: Garage tours on qualifying day provided a sneak peek into the inner workings of the Juncos Hollinger team, fueling excitement for the main event. Here’s one fun fact from behind the scenes: There is a drink dispenser in the steering wheel of the racing car! If Romain needs some water, he can just press a button and he'll be able to quench his thirst.

Swag Galore: We gave away DNSFilter hats to racing fans faster than the cars blazed down the track – 20 minutes, folks! Who knew protection could be so stylish? Thanks to all of the fans who came by to say “hi” and grab a hat. We’ll be doing this at future races as well! Keep an eye out for Reddit posts like this one.

Trackside Thrills: Pit lane hangouts meant front-row seats to all the heart-pounding action – from qualifiers to the main race and everything in between.

Dinner with the Phoenix: Imagine sharing a meal with Romain Grosjean himself! It was a night of laughter, community, and unforgettable memories. At dinner, we celebrated Romain's birthday with a special "athletic" Apple tart, custom-made by the chef of L'opera specifically for Romain. His favorite dessert was crafted to be as healthy as possible, ensuring a delightful indulgence without compromise.

Winning Hospitality: Our VIP suite boasted a prime location directly overlooking Agustin Canapino's pit lane, providing a prime view of the action. The DNSFilter team and our guests stayed at the Hyatt Regency, situated right on the track! We were never far from the excitement.

Gourmet Delights: Our hospitality experience was second to none, offering a delectable array of culinary delights. From succulent lobster treats to gourmet creations, we guaranteed our guests were treated to the finest dining experience while soaking in the excitement of the race. 

Guardian VPN to the Rescue: Ensuring our guests stayed protected both on and off the track, we handed out free Guardian VPN subscriptions. Because safety and security are always a top priority, even in the fast lane.

And the cherry on top to the entire weekend? Witnessing Grosjean and Canapino’s performance on the track! From Grosjean’s climb from P16 to P8 to Canapino’s strategic prowess, it was a race to remember.

As Grosjean put it after the race, “...It was a great Long Beach Grand Prix for us…It was a great race for us as a team. We can be proud of that. We improved a lot from St. Pete, and I’m happy that we were able to show such a strong outing on the track. Can’t wait for next weekend in Barber."

Ricardo Juncos had this to say: “I think we are so happy today because for the first time in the last two years we executed proper pit-stops with both cars through the whole race. We implemented a few new systems and got a lot of data as well. Now we will be looking forward to next week’s race in Barber, AL.”


Check Out the Highlights

“Thank you for the kind hospitality! I felt warmly welcomed and most appreciate the life experience!” - Nick 

“What a great weekend. Thank you so much for hosting us. Romain did a great job with a late pass.” - Robb 

“Thank you so much for the great event. Extremely generous of you all.” - Brian 

Ken Carnesi + Car
Long Beach Group Shot
Long Beach Grand Prix Car
Romain Grosjean
Alina and Guests


A massive thank you to everyone who joined us at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Here’s to many more adrenaline-fueled adventures together! Next stop: The 108th Indy 500!

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