How secure are your school’s IT systems?

When you think of hackers trying to gain remote access to IT systems, you may think of corporate sabotage; perhaps people in a dark room trying to gain access to the CIA or FBI. You may not consider your school’s IT system to be of interest to anyone, but in reality, people will look to gain access to all kinds of IT systems; information has become the most valuable asset. Malware and bots can obtain sensitive information, be used to conduct attacks, or encrypt your data and demand ransoms. Every network is a target.

Content filtering is vital for your school as prevent students from accessing illegal and adult content, in addition to distractions such as social media and messaging services. Your school IT system will need to be able to manage both sides of this IT system coin.

Things you need to consider

With recent advancements in technology it is highly likely that within your school, your pupils will be using a variety of devices to gain access to the Internet or use Wi-Fi to connect to your school network or the purpose of teaching. You need to keep your system safe from malware which can prevent you from being able to use your own network.

It has never been more imperative to keep information relating to children safe as it is now in this day and age. With the rise of social media platforms of all kinds, online predators have never been more prevalent. It is vital that your school’s IT system is secure and protected from the outside but also secure from the inside too as you need to keep your students away from undesirable content. DNSFilter will keep your students away from undesirable content safe from malware infected domains.

Your Security Solution

DNSFilter provides security and content filtering that your school will need. With specialized education packages designed around the requirements of K-12 schools and Universities across the USA, traditional hardware and software-based protection’s installation, maintenance, and overhead costs simply can’t compare with our pricing model. DNSFilter seamlessly adds malware and threat detection to your IT system within seconds.

DNSFilter allows you to set a customized access and security minutes. Block adult and illegal content, social media, and streaming websites with a few clicks; not to mention one-click enablement of Google SafeSearch, Bing SafeSearch, and YouTube restricted mode. Depending on the age range of your students and to what content you stipulate access, you can use our service to create a customizable filtering system.

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