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Double Extortion Ransomware Webinar Summary

Ransomware has always been a serious threat to companies. But it’s still evolving (and quickly).There is no longer just the risk of losing important data or paying a pricey ransom that companies have to worry about. Attackers have taken it a step further with something called “double extortion” ransomware. With double extortion ransomware, the attackers actually exfiltrate your data prior to holding it for ransom. So if you don’t pay, there’s a threat your data will be leaked online as opposed to just lost.

Companies need to understand the severity of these threats because it can put their customers at a huge risk. 

This Webinar includes two cybersecurity experts, CEO of Ubiq Security Wias Issa and COO of DNSFilter Jen Ayers. In this webinar, they have teamed up to discuss their thoughts on this threat. They tackle the following questions:

  • How are attackers evolving?
  • What industry is at risk?
  • How do attackers choose their targets?
  • How can I protect my clients' data?
  • Are encryption and backups enough to protect my company?
  • How can I trust the attacker if I already paid the ransom?

Learn how you can protect your company from double extortion and watch the webinar now!

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