DNSFilter shifts towards AI — acquires domain intel provider, WebShrinker

DNSFilter shifts towards AI — acquires domain intel provider, WebShrinker

Ken Carnesi
April 16, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. — April 17, 2018 — DNSFilter, a leader in DNS-based web content filtering, today announced it acquired Webshrinker. Webshrinker is the domain intelligence service by Webshrinker, LLC, and provides website screenshot and domain intelligence API services.

Webshrinker uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and identify threats and domains in real time. DNSFilter has been utilizing the Webshrinker product for nearly two years in order to categorize domains for their own DNS filtering product.

“We could not be more excited about Webshrinker becoming a part of the DNSFilter team.” said Ken Carnesi, DNSFilter’s CEO. “We have watched their product improve over the past two years and realized it’s a perfect fit for us to be working together. DNSFilter is committed to leveraging Webshrinker’s machine learning components to become the industry leader in the identification and eradication of malicious domains.”

“Since the launch of Webshrinker in 2012, the primary focus has always been on developing scalable machine learning components,” said Adam Spotton, CEO and Founder of Webshrinker. “Becoming part of the DNSFilter team is a perfect fit as many more individuals and organizations stand to benefit from our current and future combined threat protection efforts. I’m looking forward to working with them and excited about what the future will bring.”

DNSFilter, a Techstars company, has experienced exponential growth since its launch in 2017 and currently serves over 4,000 organizations worldwide. DNSFilter serves a $4B market, expected to grow to $13B by 2022 due to increased access to internet, a global push for encryption and an exponential increase in online threats.

“Damages caused by cyber crime are expected to grow to $6 Trillion annually, which outweighs all illegal drug trades combined.” said Ken Carnesi. “We believe DNS to be the best technology to address these concerns, and are positioning DNSFilter to have the best technological solution in the industry.”

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