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DNSFilter is Named as a Top G2 Leader in DNS Security Software Category for Winter 2021!

From small businesses to big organizations, everyone is looking for threat protection as cyberattacks and data breaches become more common.  DNS security can help protect you from big security problems like phishing, malware and botnet attacks. While there are other DNS security providers on the market, DNSFilter repeatedly makes it to the top of the leaderboard on G2. 

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where you can find 100+ authentic peer reviews of software technology used by other businesses. G2 strives on being a trusted source where business professionals can make the best decisions about the technology they choose to use. Check out DNSFilter reviews on G2 site

When viewed head-to-head with similar products, DNSFilter is a top contender in the DNS Software Security category. DNSFilter has also been named:

G2 ratings are valuable when it comes to choosing a software for your organization because the rankings are based on customer-generated reviews. Businesses can take these genuine reviews left by others in their related industries and make the best technology decisions. 

Here are some highlights of DNSFilter’s latest reviews.

“Not only is DNSFilter a fast DNS server, but they do constantly update their blacklists, since it is their primary business. In addition, my customization is very easy. Some hardware based filters make me go through crazy hoops.”

  • Bob D. - IT Director

“I was impressed with the options available. Besides the typical categories, it's worth noting that you can schedule different levels of filtering at different times of day and cause major search engines, like Google, to use their Safe Search results.”

  • Erik P. - Director of Technology

With DNS security, you will be taking a great step in ensuring your business does not become a victim to data breaches, phishing attacks, etc. The service of protective DNS means your organization will not have access to dangerous content found on the web. Our AI-driven DNS threat protection is also the fastest DNS resolver- in the world!

Want to try this out for yourself? Get it free for 14 days and book a demo today!

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