DNSFilter Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

When DNSFilter was founded in 2015, we had a vision to build a product that would keep people and businesses safe and secure while they were using the internet. As a part of that vision, we have also worked diligently to ensure our growing organization maintains a high level of information security.

This hard work over the last 8 years was recently validated by achieving SOC 2 Type II Compliance!


SOC 2 compliance can be broken down into two levels: Type I and Type II.

SOC 2 Type I audits review a snapshot of a company’s security protocols and ensure that the company is following their own policies at that given point in time.

SOC 2 Type II audits take a look into the company’s security protocols over a longer period of time to ensure the organization is consistently following their policies and procedures. The SOC 2 Type II report will affirm everything from the Type I report, and also attest that the controls are operationally effective.


With validation from certified auditors that DNSFilter is following our security policies and procedures, you can feel confident that all sensitive data is protected by stringent security measures. We’ve always taken the utmost care to protect our customer information, but now we can prove it.

DNSFilter’s SOC 2 Type II compliance also reduces your own organization’s security risks and can help to secure your own SOC 2 compliance reports.


In our efforts to make the internet a safer place, DNSFilter’s commitment to information security doesn’t stop here! Security is not one and done, and compliance doesn’t take the place of actively monitoring and improving on our internal procedures and policies. 

As part of this commitment to our customers, DNSFilter will continue to add to our core security controls, as well as pursue annual SOC 2 audits to ensure our continued compliance.

More detailed explanations of DNSFilter’s security controls can be found in our SOC 2 Type II report. Due to the sensitive nature of this report, it is currently only released under a non-disclosure agreement to customers working directly with an Account Executive, at the discretion of our General Counsel. 

To request a copy of this report, please reach out to your Account Executive directly. For any other questions relating to DNSFilter’s SOC 2 Type II compliance, please email us.

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