Behind the Music: What to Expect at dnsUNFILTERED: Soundtrack to a Post-Pandemic Workplace

“Oh great, another virtual conference.”

We know what you’re thinking. This one’s different, we promise!

The landscape of remote work has changed significantly over the last few years. DNSFilter’s first ever virtual conference, dnsUNFILTERED: Soundtrack to a Post-Pandemic Workplace, happening May 25, 2022, is a combination of expert advice from our highly qualified panel, discussions around what doesn't work, and a celebrity guest cameo for good measure. 

A Different Kind of Cybersecurity Conference

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, DNSFilter works hard to ensure it's the opposite.

That’s why we’re determined to make sure this free event isn’t a one-hit wonder. We’re bringing together some of the top cybersecurity experts, remote work leaders, prominent cybersecurity CEOs, CISOs, and more amazing professionals to discuss hot topics and help you navigate all that’s changed since 2020.

  • Cybersecurity Keynote: Where We’re Going, Where We Should Go
  • Building Remote Work Culture (that Actually Works)
  • Protecting Your Organization Against State-Sponsored Cyberattacks
  • The Ideal Security Stack for Modern Businesses
  • Build vs. Buy: The Right Times to Outsource
  • Bonus Track: Special Guest, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath

Cybersecurity Keynote: Where We’re Going, Where We Should Go

Jerry Perrulo, Founding CISO of more than 20 years at the Intercontinental Exchange Inc, is our opening act. Deservedly so! 20 years at a Fortune 500 company working with the New York Stock Exchange brings security expertise that can’t be matched.

As host of the #LifeAfterCISO podcast, Jerry explores opportunities available to CISOs later in their careers. In his keynote, Jerry will discuss what he expects to see happen in the future of cybersecurity, and what he wishes we would see. Spoiler: We think it might have something to do with network egress.

Track 1: Building Remote Work Culture (That Actually Works)

Remote work is officially a classic. Maintaining a remote work culture while scaling a company, on the other hand—still needs some play time on the radio. In-person collaboration and office outings lend themselves to building camaraderie and culture, but that isn’t to say that the same can’t happen in remote work environments.

Remote work leaders, Rhiannon Payne, Jessica Donahue, Ali Greene, and Kaleem Clarkson will discuss burning questions about remote work such as:

  • The organizations forcing people 100% back into the office – why are they wrong?
  • How does remote work contribute to creating a more inclusive workspace?
  • What’s one thing that leaders can do to contribute to better remote culture?
  • What mistakes are managers making in the shift to remote culture?

Track 2: Protecting Your Organization Against State-Sponsored Cyberattacks

In February 2022, CISA issued an alert via its new “Shields Up” page that “every organization—large and small—must be prepared to respond to disruptive cyber incidents” because of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The fear of nation-state cyber attacks has been growing tremendously over the last few years, and it’s more serious than ever before. But what actions should organizations be taking to combat external threats? What attack vectors are favored by nation-state threat actors? And how have these attacks changed over time?

In the second track, Jon DiMaggio, Ben April, and Matt Lee answer these questions, plus:

  • What’s the difference between a state-sponsored attack and a “normal” one?
  • What are some of the biggest threats organizations are facing right now?
  • What can organizations do to protect themselves from nation-state threats?
  • What common mistakes do you see organizations making that opens them up to these attacks?

Track 3: The Ideal Security Stack for Modern Businesses

Building the right security stack has become increasingly important as remote work has consistently held #1 on the charts.

Creating that stack isn’t as easy as it seems, as cybersecurity and IT professionals can certainly attest to. Considerations around existing tools, budget, compliance requirements, and organization size all come into play. What’s right for one organization might not be right for all. 

In the third track of the day, DNSFilter’s CEO Ken Carnesi is asking the hard questions to panelists Tiffany Ricks, Tony Huie, Wias Issa, and Chris Bisnett.

  • What’s the one mistake you see made in building a security stack that makes you absolutely cringe?
  • How can organizations implement a zero trust environment with remote workers?
  • What are some common myths about protecting your organization that you continuously see perpetuated?

Track 4: Build vs. Buy: The Right Times to Outsource

It’s a question every IT team will ask themselves eventually: “Should we just build this ourselves?” Sometimes the question might even be, “Do we hire internally, or outsource?”

This decision boils down not just to the capabilities of your team, but what you want to get out of your team internally as opposed to what you’re comfortable handing off. And whether or not you’re remote, hybrid, or in the office full-time will have an impact on where you land.

In track 4, we’re bringing together Ken Lawrence, Kevin Fraser, and Fred Wilmot to discuss:

  • What is the number one sign you should go straight to building a product yourself?
  • How do you know when outsourcing is the better option?
  • How does the presence of physical network infrastructure vs fully distributed affect your decisions on outsourcing vs building?

Finale: Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath

You know what they say—a soundtrack themed virtual conference isn’t complete without a 90s throwback performance! They do say that… right?

Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray will help to wind down the excitement of the day with a song and fireside chat. We’ll be asking the hard hitting questions, like: How did you come up with the idea of putting your audition tape in pizza boxes to get them to the record execs? And what was it like to film Scooby Doo?

Outro: Virtual Happy Hour

To wrap an amazing day of fun and learning, we’ll also have the opportunity to network in a breakout group after the last track. With plenty of time to snag your beverage of choice from the fridge between sets, this virtual happy hour is for you to make what you want of it.

  • Talk shop about your company’s security tech stack? Check.
  • Revel in the high school glory days when you jammed to Sugar Ray on your boom box? Also check.
  • Connect with like minded professionals in the cybersecurity space? Double check.

Ready to join us? Register for your free lawn seat here.

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