The Strength of AI

How we identify over eight million threats per day

Powered by Webshrinker

It’s well-known in the security world that outdated = insecure.

Many vendors release periodic updates which help keep users secure. However, often this is not good enough. More threats emerge daily than humans can classify. This is where our Artificial Intelligence can fill the void.

DNSFilter’s AI scanner, Webshrinker, classifies domains according to content and security in real-time. This operation is performed behind the scenes when clients visit a new website. Through the Webshrinker technology, we’ve categorized billions of domains and routinely identify millions of threats each day.

Webshrinker is additionally sold by DNSFilter as a standalone OEM product, trusted by some of the largest names in the security industry.

To learn more about the Webshrinker product, please visit the Webshrinker website, or download our whitepaper.