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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the calculator quote an estimated price?

Our pricing calculator above quotes an estimated price because we charge for our service based upon usage. In other words, we are estimated how many requests a typical user would consume in one month and providing a price for that many requests.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, we have a minimum charge of $5 per network, per month, which includes your first 1 million DNS requests. If you exceed 1 million requests, you are charged an additional $1 per month for each block of 200,000 requests.

How do you define a network, and what are the limits?

We consider a network to be a geographic location. In other words, if you have ten offices you're intending on using DNSFilter at we would consider that as ten networks. In order to account for redundant WAN connections, we allow each network to have up to three IPs or IP ranges, so long as they all geo-locate to the same network location.

How much is it going to cost me?

Our pricing is usage based, so we cannot provide an exact figure on what your cost will be. However, our pricing is very affordable and won't likely be a major factor in your decision. We encourage each customer to participate in a free 14 day trial in order to check out our service and get an accurate report on what exactly your cost will be.

What if I process a large amount of requests, or have a special requirement?

If you process more than 2 billion DNS requests annually or have a special requirement, we can work with you. Please contact us to discuss options such as custom pricing or private deployments.

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