DNSFilter and whIP Solutions Team Up to Secure the LATAM Region

DNSFilter today announced a new partnership with whIP Solutions, a distributor based in Mexico that focuses on providing cybersecurity solutions for IT professionals. whIP Solutions prides itself on only providing the best solutions to its customers. As a new whIP Solutions partner, DNSFilter is proud to make it into their advanced stack.

DNSFilter provides protective DNS to companies of all sizes, protecting them from malicious online threats (including zero-day threats). 

In 2022, the threat protection leader blocked 9.1 billion threats globally. Powered by advanced machine learning, DNSFilter identifies and scans nearly 31 million domains every month. 

CEO and founder of DNSFilter Ken Carnesi has said it before: “DNS is one of the primary layers of the internet that you need to protect, since over 70% of threats traverse the DNS layer.” Blocking threats through DNS resolution provides a large swath of protection.

For those looking for a security control that will mitigate the inherent risks of being online at work, DNSFilter’s protective DNS provides that and more. Not only will end users get better visibility into what is happening on their network, they’ll be able to make data-informed decisions on what to block and what to allow at their organization. With tight controls available and easy deployment, customers can get data quickly and make a huge impact on their security immediately.

“The demand for our world’s fastest DNS-layer threat protection has skyrocketed over the past few years,” said Dave Raphael, Chief Product Officer, DNSFilter. According to DNSPerf, DNSFilter is the fastest DNS resolver in the world—meaning you get the security benefits of a filtered network without losing your connection speeds. 

More about whIP Solutions

As a company, whIP is dedicated and passionate about providing the best innovative and disruptive cybersecurity solutions for the LATAM region. They are a pioneer in the Mexican market, with 9 years of experience in protection and IT security equipment.

They have distinguished themselves in distributing the best cybersecurity ecosystem to collaborate in the protection of companies from large to small.

whIP Solutions believes in passionate and committed brands, adding to the potential that can contribute to the needs of the cybersecurity market. They value the effort that each one invests to distribute their solutions together with the Resellers who are their business partners.

This commercial alliance aims to bring great benefits to channels and end users.

Together, whIP Solutions and DNSFilter can continue to equip Mexico and face cyber threats in the protection of the most important asset: Information.

Together, we are more than committed to make security prevail.

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