DNSFilter Unveils New Reporting Suite

Global, AI-based web security company DNSFilter (www.dnsfilter.com) announces Insights Reporting: intuitive DNS reporting for powerful network insights. After doubling company size in 2020, DNSFilter has taken customer feedback and turned it into action with Insights Reporting - a new and improved dashboard for real-time monitoring and investigation.

Deeper Insights for Customers

DNSFilter's new Insights Reporting feature was developed to better connect the dots from user to query. According to researchers at Cornell University, data visualization tools increase consumer trust in data accuracy by 25%. DNSFilter users will benefit from accurate insights into trends, and quality reporting on their network traffic and blocked threats. Insights gives customers a snapshot view of their network data while providing the ability to drill into the raw data endpoints of a query. Customers can slice and dice the data any which way they choose. Insights Reporting has been available via an invite-only preview to select DNSFilter customers since April 1st.

DNSFilter Customer Feedback

-  "Layout is much more fluid…That's exactly what I've been wanting to see."
-  "Love the feel and flow, and especially love the colors."
-  "This looks way more useful for being able to investigate something...with specificity—which is typically what I am after."

"We're excited to deliver a significant product enhancement," said COO, Jen Ayers, who joined the team in February after 7 years as a VP at Crowdstrike. "We've been hyper-focused on putting our customers first, and they were a large part of this process, from inception through beta-testing. This is just the beginning of an effort to change the way the industry thinks about DNS security."

Continued Growth into 2021

The new features come after an expansive first quarter for DNSFilter and its customer base. After announcing new leadership team additions and record-breaking activity, the company continues to grow in recognition. Since 2020, DNSFilter has nearly doubled the G2 badges, demonstrating the trust that both the cybersecurity and IT community have for them. They have also taken the lead as the fastest performing DNS resolver in North America, edging out competitors such as Cisco and WebTitan.

Learn More

The company is offering a free webinar on April 29, 2021 with DNSFilter Product Manager Mikey Pruitt. The webinar will showcase multiple use cases and best practices. It is open to both current customers and non-customers looking to learn more about reporting on network traffic and threat trends.

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