DNSFilter Unveils AppAware For One-Click App Blocking

Blocks Over 100 Risky Applications With Unparalleled Usage Intelligence

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DNSFilter today announced the release of AppAware, a next-generation application-blocking tool that enables organizations to seamlessly block common security threats. With AppAware, organizations can block over 100 high-risk applications—including filesharing, remote desktop and high-risk messaging apps—with a single click and instantly gain insights into the usage of every application across the network.

70% of all cyber attacks involve the domain name system (DNS) layer. A single application uses hundreds, if not thousands of domains, making it difficult for security teams to monitor – and easy for cybercriminals to exploit as a back door to infiltrate the network. AppAware provides real-time visibility of application activity across the entire organization, enabling security teams to instantly block applications that don’t align with internal policies. With one-click, AppAware allows security teams to block an application or group of applications – and all associated domains – to stay one step ahead of the latest advanced attack techniques.

“Applications not deployed by an organization’s IT department are often difficult to monitor and control,” said Jen Ayers, Chief Operating Officer, DNSFilter. “AppAware removes the complexity associated with legacy tools, enabling organizations to seamlessly block high-risk applications – such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn and RemotePC, which are known remote access tools used in various cyber attacks – and protect against advanced threats at the DNS layer in real time.”

AppAware provides security teams with usage indicators to empower informed, data-driven decisions and boost employee productivity. With over 100 applications grouped into a dozen categories, security teams can block an entire category of workplace distractions – whether that be shopping (Amazon, the Apple Store, etc.) or messaging (Facebook, Snapchat, etc.)

AppAware is available to all Pro+ and MSP customers. To learn how AppAware can help organizations block common security threats, visit our blog and infographic.

About DNSFilter

DNSFilter is redefining how organizations secure their largest threat vector: the Internet itself. With 70% of attacks involving the Domain Name System (DNS) layer, DNSFilter provides AI-powered security via DNS that uniquely identifies 60% more threats than competitors on an average of seven days earlier, including zero days. Over 15K organizations and managed service providers trust DNSFilter to protect millions of end users from phishing, malware and advanced cyber threats.

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