June 6, 2022

DNSFilter LifeSaver Program for MSPs Impacted by Cisco Ending OpenDNS


DNSFilter today announced its MSP LifeSaver program to support MSPs and MSSPs impacted by Cisco announcing end-of-sale, end-of-life dates for MSP contracts with OpenDNS, effective July 31, 2022. Effective immediately, the LifeSaver program provides MSPs in need with DNSFilter’s AI-powered DNS security solution free of charge.

“Better serving the MSP community was the reason DNSFilter was started,” said Ken Carnesi, CEO and Co-founder, DNSFilter. “MSPs have long been neglected by incumbents in the space and the LifeSaver program comes at a critical time when many are scrambling to fill a critical hole in their technology stacks. We’re proud to offer our services and provide MSPs with the support they deserve.”

Prior to DNSFilter, Carnesi founded an ISP called Anaptyx and was an OpenDNS customer following its acquisition by Cisco Umbrella. As a customer, Carnesi was frustrated with the solution’s lack of innovation, convoluted pricing, and lack of support for ISPs and MSPs. Carnesi identified an opportunity to build a better technology and service - particularly for MSP and ISP partners, which led to the launch of DNSFilter.

DNSFilter provides AI-powered security via DNS that uniquely identifies 60% more threats than competitors on an average of seven days earlier, including zero-day attacks. The company holds a steadfast commitment to continually innovating its solutions to keep pace with an ever-evolving threat landscape and providing both enterprise and managed service customers with best-in-class support and service. Key features and benefits of the LifeSaver program for MSPs include:

  • Low bar to entry: MSPs can implement DNSFilter in parallel with their current solution to ease the transition, without paying for two services at the same time.
  • Enhanced performance: MSPs can realize a better experience for users and customers with the fastest DNS resolution time in N. America.
  • Preferred pricing: Beyond the program, DNSFilter provides MSP-specific discounting.
  • Unparalleled support: DNSFilter’s MSP support team provides robust assistance during the deployment phase, and is quick to respond to any support tickets.

“MSPs are a lifeblood of our business,” said Ernie Tkac, CRO, DNSFilter. “Any opportunity that we see to make their lives easier, we’ll jump on it. We’re excited for the chance to allow more MSPs to effectively secure their customers against advanced threats and realize  business growth opportunities through partnering with DNSFilter.”

To learn more, visit DNSFilter's Lifesaver Program page.

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