DNSFilter Celebrates Major Growth After 5 Years

DNSFilter, a leading AI-driven startup providing DNS protection to enterprises, is walking into 2021 ready to take on cybersecurity challenges impacting businesses (https://www.dnsfilter.com/). Reflecting on 2020, DNSFilter celebrated several wins and company expansions despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Team and User Growth Despite Uncertainty

Early in 2020, DNSFilter held its first official board meeting and barely a month later traveled to RSA in San Francisco, meeting customers face-to-face just before San Francisco entered a state of emergency. These trips kickstarted the team's rapid growth. By the end of the year, DNSFilter usage increased by 1,700% as the team added many new customers to the platform.

While many industries struggled with shifting to remote work, DNSFilter was already 90% remote and continued to expand its team through COVID-19. They also chose to share their work-from-home solution with the world. For three months, in the thick of lockdown measures, users could apply content filtering to their work-from-home setup without being charged.

The DNSFilter team nearly tripled in size, ending the year with 35 employees.

"2020 proved to be a year of tremendous growth for us," said Ken Carnesi, DNSFilter CEO and Co-Founder. "The fact that the majority of our company was already remote meant we didn't need to change the way we work, like many of our peers did. Instead, we could focus on our solution and how it could help users—particularly during the pandemic. We've been able to attract top talent during the pandemic, allowing us to service more customers and expand our user base. I'm extremely proud of the team that we have and look forward to what we will accomplish in this new decade ahead."

New Releases, Partnerships and Celebrating 5 Years of Business

DNSFilter launched its Active Directory feature in June 2020. The integration allows customers to sync their Active Directory instances to DNSFilter, and apply filtering policies based on how their organization is set up.

Shortly following their Active Directory integration, Lenovo's LanSchool announced their partnership with DNSFilter to bring affordable content filtering and threat protection to schools. The solution also helps schools maintain compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

DNSFilter gave away 20 prizes during a live stream celebration in October, including an Xbox Series X and Apple watch to celebrate their fifth birthday. During a year of global financial distress, this celebration was particularly special in continuing to expand and service customers while disrupting the cybersecurity industry with state-of-the-art technology.

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