DNSFilter Builds Community for Partners with New Partner Portal

Washington, D.C. - June 29, 2023 – DNSFilter today announced its first-ever, community-focused partner portal. The new offering is designed to provide the channel with easy access to the materials and support they need to learn about, discuss, market and sell protective DNS solutions. The update comes shortly after the launch of DNSFilter’s Global Partner Program in November 2022. Over the past six months since its inception, DNSFilter's Partner Program continues to grow rapidly, welcoming new notable partners such as Sourcepass.  

“DNSFilter is hyperfocused on providing our MSPs, MSSPs, VARs and Distributors with the resources they need to be successful and enable more organizations to deploy protective DNS solutions,” said Mikey Pruitt, lead of DNSFilter’s Global Partner Program. “However, we wanted to move beyond traditional portal parameters of training and marketing, and deliver a true community feel where partners can connect, collaborate, and share feedback with each other and the DNSFilter team directly.”

DNSFilter’s new partner portal is built on three pillars, including:

  • Collaboration - This section allows partners to have an interactive community with other resellers. The tool gives partners a forum to interact, ask questions and share lessons learned with each other and the DNSFilter team.
  • Training - This pillar offers training courses to help partners learn more about DNSFilter’s solutions. These eight to ten-minute educational sessions cover a variety of useful material, including how to use and deploy DNSFilter, setting up policies, best practices, and more. Partners will also receive certifications for completing trainings.
  • Marketing - This feature provides partners easy access to an array of marketing materials such as branded and unbranded content, customer success stories, data sheets, and files that can be edited collaboratively in other programs. 

The portal will also offer MSP spotlights, highlighting success stories of partners engaging, deploying, and mitigating internet-based threats with DNSFilter solutions. 

The new portal builds on Partner focused product features already available since late 2022, including Scheduled Reporting and Universal Lists. Scheduled Reporting provides partners with a customized report frequency with updates on how DNSFilter protects customers against threats and malicious content. The Universal Lists feature allows partners to create multiple global lists based on customer restrictiveness or vertical-specific and create a uniform deployment to be used across accounts. 

DNSFilter delivers protective DNS and content-filtering solutions powered by machine learning. The offering protects organizations from phishing, malware, and other advanced internet-based threats.  

To access DNSFilter’s Partner Portal, please visit: https://partners.dnsfilter.com. Login credentials match app.dnsfilter.com

About DNSFilter  

DNSFilter is redefining how organizations secure their largest threat vector: the Internet itself. DNSFilter is making the internet safer and workplaces more productive. In 2022 the threat protection leader blocked 9.1 billion threats, more than any other threat detection software globally. With 70% of attacks involving the Domain Name System (DNS) layer, DNSFilter provides Protective DNS powered by machine learning that uniquely identifies 61% more threats than competitors on an average of seven days earlier, including zero-day attacks.

Over 26 million monthly users trust DNSFilter to protect them from phishing, malware, and advanced cyber threats. DNSFilter’s brands include Webshrinker, its next-generation web categorization software, and Guardian, a consumer app focused on privacy protection. DNSFilter.com

PR Contact:  

Sarah Graham

fama PR for DNSFilter  


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