DNSFilter Launches Global Partner Program

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DNSFilter today launched its Global Partner Program to provide managed service providers (MSPs) with best-in-class technology, training, and support to secure customers against domain name system (DNS) and web-based threats. With the launch, DNSFilter unveils new Scheduled Reporting and Universal Lists features for MSPs and names Mikey Pruitt as MSP Evangelist to lead program strategy and execution.

“MSPs are the lifeblood of our business,” said Ken Carnesi, CEO and co-founder, DNSFilter. “Better serving the MSP community was why we started the company in the first place and launching a Global Partner Program builds on our deep commitment to fulfilling our goals. Partners are provided with new tools to secure customer environments and enhanced opportunities to accelerate business traction.”

Prior to DNSFilter, Carnesi founded a hybrid MSP and ISP called Anaptyx and was an OpenDNS customer following its acquisition by Cisco Umbrella. As a customer, Carnesi was frustrated with the solution’s lack of innovation, convoluted pricing, and lack of support for ISPs and MSPs. Carnesi identified an opportunity to build a better technology and service – particularly for MSP and ISP partners, which led to the launch of DNSFilter.

DNSFilter’s Global Partner Program launches with new technical features including Scheduled Reporting – providing partners with customized report frequency into how DNSFilter is protecting customer environments against threats and malicious content; and Universal Lists – allowing partners to create multiple global lists, either vertical-specific or based on customer restrictiveness, and create a uniform deployment to be used across accounts. Former DNSFilter DevOps engineer and product manager, Mikey Pruitt, assumes the role of MSP Evangelist to lead the Global Partner Program. Key features and benefits of the program include:

  • ML-powered security via DNS allows partners to more effectively secure customers against phishing, malware, and web-based threats. 61% of threats identified by DNSFilter at any given time have not been identified by competitors, who lag behind an average of seven days.
  • Multi-tenant architecture enables deployment of multiple clients with logical segregation and centralized management.
  • Deep discounts off retail pricing allow partners to increase profit margins. Partners are also provided with free not-for-resale (NFR) product trials to test functionality pre-customer deployment.
  • Robust training and support is provided free-of-charge for all aspects of sales, onboarding, and ongoing product support. Partners gain access to DNSFilter’s partner portal which includes courses for training technical staff on best use cases for deploying DNSFilter, in addition to quarterly webinar fireside chats to engage with global DNSFilter partners on strategies and lessons learned for success.
  • Product white labeling provides MSP customers with co-branded DNSFilter dashboards or fully customized partner dashboards so software is tracked only to the partner.

To access DNSFilter’s Global Partner Portal, please visit: https://partners.dnsfilter.com

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