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DNS Security For Manufacturing

If you’re responsible for securing a manufacturing network, that means you’re juggling infrastructure across offices, guest WiFi, on-premise hardware, legacy technology, IoT devices—and they’re likely in more than one country. What if you could secure all of those disparate devices and networks with a single solution? DNSFilter gives manufacturing companies an additional layer of security with unique and unparalleled flexibility.
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DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Protect your employees from malware attacks

Manufacturing cyber attacks are occurring more frequently making the industry vulnerable to malware attacks from external threat actors.

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, 75% of attacks on manufacturing were the result of outside threat actors with crimeware, a type of malware that automates cybercrime, topping the list of threats. On top of that, 23% of all malware incidents occurring in manufacturing in 2019 were ransomware attacks.

Malware attacks can begin with a simple website hosting malicious software, be part of a phishing email, or a malvertising campaign. With DNS security in place, known malicious sites are blocked and never-before-seen sites are scanned in real-time to determine if a site is a threat or not.

This way, your employees—whether they’re working in a warehouse, from their home, or out on the road—are completely protected from those bad actors.
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

Deploy anywhere, protect everyone

Your employees are everywhere, which means your infrastructure reaches far and wide. You need a single net to cast over your entire IT architecture to shield your employees from any threats that may target your organization.

With DNSFilter, you can deploy a single solution in a multitude of ways. That means, you get uniform protection for your entire company even though you’re securing everything from legacy hardware from the ‘90s to iPhones.

We have three different ways to deploy DNSFilter, and you can use all of them in tandem if that’s what your company requires to protect your employees.

dnsfilter ai driven dns security
anycast network

Global Anycast Network

DNSFilter is one of the fastest DNS resolvers in the world, and No. 1 in North America according to

Our massive, global anycast network has the most datacenters in the industry with nearly 300 servers in 50 cites. This allows you to deploy the same protection, with comparable speeds, in North America, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else your company may have workers.

We’ve engineered an intelligent, global anycast network that allows us to automatically scale, heal, and route your requests to the most responsive location, giving you reliable uptime.

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Active Directory integration

Apply policies using your Active Directory or Azure Active Directory user groups. Use the DNSFilter sync tool to get started. Apply policies at seven different possible layers, get per-user filtering, and apply personnel changes automatically.

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DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security
DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

Mobile Roaming Clients

DNSFilter has mobile and desktop Roaming Clients on every major platform.

With employees out on the road using tablets and other mobile devices, it’s necessary that all of their internet usage be secured. And they need a reliable network. With DNSFilter’s Roaming Clients, you can deploy DNS protection to individual mobile devices.

These Roaming Clients give you enhanced control, visibility, and reporting of all the devices in use by your organization. You never have to worry about installing patches, because your filtering policies are stored in the cloud.

Fantastic Support

We’re extremely customer focused because we want to do right by our customers. At DNSFilter, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We invest heavily in creating extensive documentation for our knowledge base and backing it up with responsive email support.

Our knowledgeable and technical support staff ensures you always get the answers you need when you need them.

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Protect on-premise hardware

DNSFilter is a cloud solution, but that doesn’t mean we only protect cloud infrastructures. Our DNS protection has the ability to secure even your organization’s oldest hardware. Install DNSFilter on your network and you can start protecting your manufacturing hardware today.


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dnsfilter ai driven dns security
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

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