Active Directory Integration​


Directory integration for Active Directory, on-premise AD, and Azure AD

Complete synchronization with
on-premise, azure, cloud AD

Sync your on-premise, Azure, or hybrid Active Directory with DNSFilter for a complete mirror of your domain. You can apply filtering policies based on the user groups you already have in your organization. Set custom block pages for different business units. Once setup, any changes to your organization will be synced over automatically.

Apply policies at the
group and user level

More versatility means more ways to implement a policy. There are seven different layers in our policy hierarchy. If you have an employee who needs to be exempt from their department filtering policy, you can create a custom policy just for them. Or, you can keep it simple and apply the policies at the group level—your deployment will fit your use case.

Per-user visibility and management

Dive into user domain and threat analytics in the DNSFilter reporting dashboard to gain valuable insight into what users are spending time on.

Flexibility to implement custom
user groups or AD mirroring

You want to see your Active Directory instance reflected in DNSFilter, but do you want to be completely tied to it? Choose between the manual or managed options for policy enforcement depending on your preference. Do you want total control, or do you want to rely heavily on Active Directory? You’ll have complete flexibility.

Automatically handle
personnel changes

After a five-minute setup, your Active Directory will be synced with DNSFilter. Any changes you make to your on-premise or cloud AD will be reflected in your DNSFilter dashboard. So if someone moves from the IT department to the sales department, you won’t need to manually change their policy.

This directory integration feature is more than just Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. We plan to continue to add directory services that our customers use so that they can enjoy the benefits of per-user filtering and ease of management. Future directory integrations include:

  • Open LDAP
  • Google Cloud IAM
  • Samba
  • GSuite
active directory integration feature

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