Extend What DNSFilter Can Do

Zapier Integration

DNSFilter offers 13 unique triggers that can be used to zap information to more than 3,000 companion products.
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DNSFilter zapier

DNSFilter + Zapier

With the ability to send data directly from DNSFilter to one of the other apps in your current IT stack, we're giving our users the ability to extend what DNSFilter can do. Set up notifications for outside of DNSFilter or have external triggers create new organizations. There are so many possibilities for what you can do with DNSFilter and Zapier.
DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

Major Time Saver

Reclaim your valuable time and let computers do the repetitive tasks. Zapier allows for connectivity between thousands of applications you use every day, including DNSFilter.

Organization/Site Add and Delete

Get notified when an organization or site is added or deleted from your account.

Roaming Clients & Relays

Trigger an action or receive a notification whenever a roaming client or relay is added or removed from your account.
DNSFilter AI-Powered DNS Security

MFA Enabled/Disabled

Make sure your account is secure. Get alerts whenever any of your users disable multi-factor authentication.

Block Page Visits & Form Submissions

Set up alerts that let you know whenever one of your users hits a page block. And automatically trigger workflows for when they request access to content currently blocked by your DNSFilter policy.

Secure Your Organization Without Slowing Down

Content filtering for end-user protection. Block security threats and inappropriate content with DNSFilter.