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How We Identify Over 3 Million Threats Per Day

The Strength and Speed of AI

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ai-driven dns filtering and security
dnsfilter ai driven dns securitydnsfilter ai driven dns security
dns filter ai-driven dns security

Staying Secure At All Times

In the security world, once you’re out of date, you’re also insecure.
Many vendors release periodic updates with the intent of keeping users “secure”. But when threats change as rapidly as we know they do, this is not good enough. More threats emerge daily than humans can classify. This is where our Artificial Intelligence can fill the void.

DNSFilter’s AI, Webshrinker, categorizes domains in real-time. This scan happens behind the scenes when users visit a new website. Through the Webshrinker technology, we’ve categorized billions of domains and routinely identify millions of threats each day.

An Emphasis on Accuracy

In head-to-head tests, our AI was found to be more accurate compared to other content filters out there. We not only find threats early, we’re right about discovering them. Our current accuracy rate is around 96%. 

In head-to-head comparisons, we found that our competitor only blocked 54% of the threats that we found. And when we looked at a list of threats found by our competitor, only 15% of them were actually threats.

Finding Threats Sooner

Webshrinker finds new threats as early as 59 hours ahead of competitor threat feeds. This is because of Webshrinker’s ability to scan a page, looking for individual threat markers, and determining if a site is likely to be a threat or not. We use imagery-based anti-phishing and regularly train our AI on up-and-coming threats.

dnsfilter ai powered dns securitydnsfilter ai driven dns security

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