Built for DNS

While Webroot® is a great Antivirus vendor, DNSFilter® was built for DNS threat protection and filtering. Our in-house Artificial Intelligence scanner, Webshrinker, classifies domains in real-time. We operate the largest amount of datacenter locations in the industry. This means you get a lightning fast connection to our servers, no matter where you are.

Our network has the fastest response time of any DNS provider in North America (including Google, Cloudflare, and Umbrella). Don’t just take our word for it. We publish our network stats in real-time at DNSperf.com

Comprehensive Control

While Webroot includes basic functionality for block pages and filtering policies, DNSFilter takes it further. Policy customization can be tailored uniquely to each device, group, or entire networks. Take advantage of unlimited block pages, along with the ability to redirect your users to a custom block page. Our filtering schedules allow you to designate certain days/times that you wish to have a different policy in effect.

Whitelabeled for Resale

We allow you to resell our product to end users with no reference to our service. Our dashboard, roaming applications, and emails become yours. This allows you to easily resell the product as part of a comprehensive security solution. This enhances your image with your customers them as their service provider.

Feature Comparison

Anycast Network
DNS Response Time8ms> 100 ms
Real-time Domain Categorization
Imagery-based Anti-phishing
Whitelist Update TimeInstantUp to 30 minutes
Captive Portal Support
RMM / SIEM Integrationvia API
Per User Reporting
Traffic Reporting
Desktop Roaming ClientsWindows & MacWindows & Mac
Mobile Roaming ClientsAndroid & iOS n/a
LAN Proxy / Virtual Appliance
Whitelabeled for Resale
Two-factor (2FA) Authentication

Annual Price Comparison

10 Users50 Users100 Users

Prices based on a monthly payment plan. Customers who switch from Webroot to DNSFilter save an average of 52.5%. Start a 14-day free trial to see how we compare.

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