DNSFilter Vs Cloudflare

Complete features and a focus on one thing

At DNSFilter, our mission has always been to do one thing and do it well. While other competitors have a host of offerings, it usually means that their DNS filtering service doesn’t get the full attention it deserves. Cloudflare’s DNS filtering capabilities are very young, having been announced in March 2020.

Their DNS filtering product (Cloudflare Gateway) is meant to integrate with their Cloudflare Access subscription. Because of this, Cloudflare Gateway is bare bones and lacks several features:

* No detailed reporting by location or user
* No
bulk management of allow & block lists
* No
business-grade rollup reports
* No
whitelabeling for Managed Service Providers
* No
multi-tenancy for resellers

For companies with upwards of thousands of end users and devices, lacking these features just isn’t an option. It basically means you have no visibility into your network and can’t be flexible as needs change across departments.

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DNSFilter is built for MSPs

DNSFilter has a fully multi-tenant MSP dashboard that allows for complete whitelabeling, including block page customization and forwarding. Our dashboard, roaming applications, and transactional emails will appear to come from you, not us.

We also share whitelabeled marketing materials for our MSP partners to help them succeed in closing more sales and hitting their ROI goals.

Fighting for the fastest spot

Everyone knows that Cloudflare Gateway is fast. But DNSFilter? It’s just as fast, and sometimes faster. Cloudflare Gateway and DNSFilter have been neck-and-neck for a while, consistently fighting for the top spot on DNS ranking site DNSPerf.com. We’re No. 1 when looking at North America DNS resolvers. And we’re always in the top when you look at South America, Europe, and Africa.

Let's see in other aspects how Cloudflare Gateway and DNSFilter compare below:

Cloudflare Gateway Vs. DNSFilter

Cloudflare Gateway
Anycast Network
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Real-time Domain Categorization
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Desktop Roaming Clients
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Mobile Roaming Clients
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Per User Reporting
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Imagery-based Anti-phishing
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Whitelabeled for Resale
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Query Logs
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Advanced Analytics
dnsfilter ai driven dns security
Bulk Block Lists
dnsfilter ai driven dns security

We have quickly grown to be the leader in DNS security

Faster response time

DNSFilter is fast, no matter which way you slice it. A lot of that has to do with our global anycast network. We’ve never had a global outage, and it’s why over 14,000 brands trust us with their DNS queries.

dns filtering for msps
Ready to resell

We provide a multi-tenant dashboard and full-service whitelabeling—something Cloudflare doesn't have. We also share whitelabeled materials for our MSP partners to help them succeed.

stellar support
Stellar support

DNSFilter places a lot of focus on providing you with support that is friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible. Our onboarding experience can get you started filtering in just under 5 minutes

dnsfilter optimizations
Ongoing optimizations

A good content filter will be what you need right now with plans for continued improvements. Cloudflare is bare bones, but DNSFilter is a comprehensive solution that we're still adding to.

Secure Your Organization Without Slowing Down

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