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Free Technology Services for Ukraine

DNSFilter has started a coalition of technology vendors with the sole purpose of driving donations to Ukraine.

Some of these vendors, including DNSFilter, have decided to also give their services away for free to those in Ukraine who have been impacted by this invasion.

Instructions on how to claim free services below.
visit the tech vendor coalition website
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Claim Your Free Services

If you are in Ukraine, you can get DNSFilter. All you need to do is sign up for a DNSFilter account and add "Ukraine Strong" to the use case. This will tell us to extend your service for free.

Note that this service will remain free to those impacted by the Russian invasion for the foreseeable future, but is subject to change at anytime.
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Why is This Important to Us?

We refuse to accept a future where this type of aggression goes unchecked. Some of us have personal connections to Ukraine, others are doing this because we simply care. What is happening in Ukraine is a world event, and we want to do what we can.

visit the tech vendor coalition website