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Our Anycast Network

Fifty data centers worldwide. Two distinct networks.
One DNS solution that won’t go down.
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Node Failover

If a node serving your DNS requests goes down for any reason, DNSFilter will immediately reroute your traffic to the next-nearest location with zero packet loss.
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Datacenter Redundancy

We achieve redundancy through load balancing, redundant fiber connectivity, power protection, backup generators, and off-site backups. This approach allows us to proactively and conveniently take a datacenter off our global network whenever such a catastrophic event or maintenance occurs. It also allows us to do maintenance on our network more easily than other DNS resolvers.

Fail Open

When technology fails closed, it completely shuts down when it fails. Since we’re dealing with network traffic impacting thousands of customers and billions of DNS queries, we don’t have the luxury of failing closed—and neither do you. That’s why we’ve engineered DNSFilter to fail open. This means that no matter what happens across our architecture, even if one element fails, we continue operating. Backups take over until the issue is resolved and we can get our normal architecture back online. 

The Fastest DNS Resolver

Our network is fast. We know how important speed is to your network, and we don’t want to be the ones to slow you down.

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Our Anycast Network Is Different

DNSFilter maintains over 50 datacenters worldwide and 2 completely separate anycast networks. That means we’re faster than the competition and can guarantee 100% uptime. If any element of our network goes down, there’s a backup that will start doing the heavy lifting.

Secure Your Organization Without Slowing Down

Content filtering for end-user protection. Block security threats and inappropriate content with DNSFilter.